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Sulu, Tryson feud rages on

The feud between Sulumani and Tryson Chimbetu seems to be far from over after Sulumani released three singles in what looks like a bid to thwart the ascendancy of Tryson on the helm of the Dendera throne.

By Problem Masau

Tryson recently released a new album, Ballon’dor Victory. However, Sulumani’s camp has announced that they have released three songs for the festive season because they failed to release an album this year.


His publicist Joe Nyamungoma said it was a token of appreciation to their fans.

“This is a token of appreciation to our fans after failing to release an album due to some circumstances beyond our control. We just won awards and this is a way to say thank you,” said Nyamungoma.

However, impeccable sources said Sulumani’s camp were in panic mode after Tryson released Ballon’dor Victory.

“The boss is panicking. Tryson’s album is provocative and we want to thwart that,” said the mole.

Sulumani’s new songs include Comaraderie, Ndaidawo Zororo and Love Song.

Tryson seems to be the one that started throwing punches at Sulumani with an album that many believe was targeted at the Sean Timba hitmaker.

Ballon’dor Victory is in itself provocative as Tryson claims to have won the crown of being the best Dendera singer.

The first song on the album, Tryson, also makes some suggestive comments, saying he had a dream in which he talked to the founders of Dendera, the late Simon and Naison Chimbetu in which they told him that he was the rightful heir of the genre.

In another song, Isa Moto, the singer went on to say that there are close relatives who are jealous of him, unrepentantly saying he is the one with the “relay baton”.

When contacted for comment, Tryson was diplomatic, opting to talk about his album.

“The year 2015 is the year I am going to turn the tables the other way round as I will be reclaiming my position as the ‘Prince of Dendera’. I have done it, all it takes is for me to give fans what they like and the music they believe in,” said Tryson.

“So much has been said about me, but I am sure the album had answered questions from critics in a reciprocal manner.”

Tryson is believed to be vastly talented, but lacks public appeal as compared to Sulumani who has proved to be a darling of many.

The release of the singles has sparked a supremacy contest between the squabbling Dendera heirs.

But, this could be good for Dendera lovers as they will have to judge who is the best among the three.

In the past, Sulumani has been the shining star in the Dendera genre. He has managed to release hits such as Kwedu, Njiva, Sean Timba and Nhambarakishoni, among others.

However, music critics said Sulumani’s success is mainly due to his aggressive marketing and grooming that endears him with the corporate world.

Tryson has been credited for maintaining the Dendera flair that was originated by their fathers Naison and Simon.

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