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Macheso to release album next year

A cloud of uncertainty hovers over Alick Macheso’s new album launch after it emerged that the sungura musician will release the much-awaited album in February.

By Problem Masau

A source said Macheso, who is under pressure to come up with a new project, wanted to release the album during the festive season, but could not do so due to logistical challenges.


The Madhawu hitmaker bought blank CDs from South Africa at the beginning of the month hoping to release his album around Christmas.

Speaking recently on a local radio station, Macheso conceded that it would need a miracle to release the album this year.

“I have purchased CDs from South Africa because I want to give my fans a quality product. I have discovered that most of the CDs being sold here are of poor quality and sometimes they don’t play,” he said.

“I am through with the album but to be honest, I don’t know when I will be releasing it, but it will be very soon.”

The Standard Style established that the album was ready for release, but the sungura singer was weighing options — to release the album during the festive period or early next year.

“The album is ready, except for a few touch ups. The problem is that Macheso has never launched an album and he only wants to release it in the market without an official launch,” said the source.

“He says he is waiting for the right time because he knows that pirates are waiting to strike once the album hits the market. Initially, he wanted to release the album before the festive season, but logistical challenges derailed the plan.”

Macheso is caught between a rock and a hard place and moving the album launch to February will kill the patience in his followers who were expecting a Christmas gift in the form of an album from the sungura musician.

His manager Lucky Macheso could not be reached for comment.

Fans who spoke to The Standard Style said it was high time the sungura kingpin released the album.

“We cannot rush him to release the album but as his fans, we are tired of waiting. I really wanted to play the album on my way to my rural area,” said Arnold Shoko.

“Whatever the problem, I think Macheso should sort out his mess because it is not good for his brand.”

Macheso came onto the music scene in 1998 having been weaned by sungura godfather Nicholas Zakaria.

He has released several albums that include Zvinoda Kutendwa, Simbaradzo, Ndezvashe-Eh and Magariro.

Though Macheso has managed to draw huge crowds to his shows since the departure of key band members in 2013, the house he built over the years seems to be in disorder.

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