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Tkay Maidza talks sexism in music industry

Sydney — Zimbabwe-born and Australian hip- hop artist Tkay Maidza says the music industry’s expectations of women are very different to those of men — either super high or super low.

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The singer, known for her hits Brontosaurus and MOB, has revealed she makes her voice deeper because some people find high-pitched female voices to be “irritating”.


“So when I write songs sometimes I’m like ‘this could be really cool but it would be better if I have a deeper voice’,” Maidza told YouTuber’s Bella Ann Townes while backstage at the New Year’s Eve Lost Paradise festival.

Maidza said another challenging side to the male-dominated hip-hop scene was the expectation that female artistes must look good all the time.

“But if you don’t think about that and it’s just about writing good songs, it works because there’s people who are really good songwriters like Sia … and it works because they are amazing,” she added.

The rapper also said many people expect a performance to be bad purely based on gender.

“You show people songs and they’re like ‘Okay, I didn’t expect that to be that good’, or when they watch you they’re like ‘oh I thought it was going to be bad’.

“People already think it’s horrible before they watch it or they don’t want to give it a chance because it’s like ‘oh, it’s a girl, it won’t be that great’,” she said.

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