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Weekend pleasure flights for Harare

A local private chartered airliner Dream Air is set to change the weekend outing landscape as it unveils plane rides and pleasure flights around the capital during weekends.


The company, which will be holding its second edition of Sky Valentine, an event which gives opportunity for lovers to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the sky, plans to introduce weekend pleasure flights, under the theme Sky Harare.


Dream Air chief executive officer Kudzai Mushonga told The Standard Style on Tuesday that the company would like to come up with a weekly package that includes pleasure flights and later fly-in safaris.

While this phenomenon has been associated with tourism, especially in Victoria Falls, Mushonga believes pleasure flights will be a hit in Harare.

“We will be unveiling the edition of what is called Sky Harare which we are going to introduce shortly after our second edition of Sky Valentine that will be held on Valentine’s Day,” said Mushonga.

He said the idea of introducing this unique weekend outing was a result of the successful hosting of last year’s Valentine’s Day activities which saw more than 100 couples gracing the occasion.

“We are expecting more couples this year on Valentine’s Day and we will be running these pleasure flights every weekend,” he said.

Mushonga said the 30-minute pleasure flights around Harare would be extended to fly-in safaris as the year unfolds. He said the weekly events will offer people a different perspective of flying as the chartered plane company offers a friendly environment which will allow a close interaction between passengers and the pilot.

“We want people to enjoy the beauty of Harare or take in the sights of the city on pleasure flight experiences. They will have an opportunity of seeing the scenic view of the capital at a low altitude,” he said.

“Apart from the scenic view, we feel these pleasure flights will give people a memorable experience as they serve as educational flights, simultaneously giving divergent options to celebrate events like birthdays and anniversaries, among others.

Mushonga said Sky Harare was extended to foreigners, particularly tourists who would want to embark on aerial photography tours, fly-in safaris and scenic flights.

“While coming up with the idea was with locals in mind, we believe we can play a part in the country’s tourism industry. We want to offer visitors such flights and packages for the benefit of the tourism industry,” he said.

The young businessman said next weekend’s edition of Sky Valentine was open to all couples who wished to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a unique way.

“This is our second year and we are promising people a more exciting Valentine’s Day as we have added some services to those that were there last year. We have started receiving bookings and those willing to fly with their partners on Valentine’s Day can get in touch with Dream Air,” he said.

Dream Air was founded in 2014 and operates charter flights from Charles Prince airport in partnership with Central Air Transport Service. The company boasts of a fleet of 12 planes and provides affordable flights for local and regional destinations.

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