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Muringa: A quest for originality in local music

Mafriqmusicfactory’s (MMF) long-awaited multi artists compilation, Muringa Music Season One is out.

Simbarashe Manhango

The compilation has been made available online for the next seven days where fans can download MP3s for free via a link MMF tweeted as a “gift to our aficionados”.


The 14-track deluxe edition is an exciting creative piece of work that features several performers lining up for a pool of potentially explosive singles.

Some of the amazing entertainers included in this collection rose to fame during the hey-days of the hurricane that almost swept away everything and became known as urban grooves.

For a decade they ruled, yet their music was perceived as an imitation of the Western influences that shaped the industry since the 1980s.

If this new project is anything to go by, then this long forgotten genre is certainly being easily eclipsed, hence mutating to Muringa.

According to the proponents of this genre, the adaptation of Muringa music is a step forward in the journey to bring originality to local music.

Speaking to The Standard Style, MMF artist Dj Discord said Muringa Music is an introduction of a new sound and evolution of music completely different from urban grooves.

“Muringa Music is a step forward in the journey to bring originality to local music. The sound is distinctly Zimbabwean and has a feel that soothes the soul, just like the Muringa tree — from which it derived its name — which is believed to cure various ailments,” said Discord.

He added that this transformation will awaken some of the sleeping giants in this long-forgotten history of artistes that rose to fame then, yet at the same time breathing life to a new generation of artists

“While Muringa Music is an evolution of different kinds of music transforming into another form, there are some other artists who are returning revamped with new intellect and also introducing another dimension of young and energetic entertainers,” added Discord.

Performers in this project included Dj Smylie, Roki, Brown Sugar, Team Legacy, Herby Danger, Sir Bede, Discord Mafriq, and the amazing new female voice in the mould of Amanda “Ama” Badze.

Mixed and mastered at Mafriqmusicfactory studios, the project accrues the brilliant work of varying producers currently rocking the airwaves with their diverse works.

Another exciting producer who put in work for this assignment is Mugove Musonza, popularly known as Zviro Beats or simply “Beast on the Beat”.

He has the art and production skills exhibited in the track We Run It by Junior Brown that is currently rocking several local radio stations.

Other producers on the compilation include Roki, Thomas Zharo aka Toto and Lovedale “Dj Discord” Makalanga, the only member left from the original Mafriq Outfit.

Muringa Music, however, comes at a time when there has been a raging debate with regards to the failure of Zimbabwean music to yield positive results and penetrate the international scene.

It remains critical for all music lovers to perhaps assess if this name change infuses life into a genre that at one point had everyone talking?

Meanwhile, songs to anticipate on this project include, Makuseni, a song done by Roki, Ishy X, Brown Sugar and Discord.

Celebrity, Baby Ndiwe, Tigashire, Hakuna Rudo, Folkore and Unouya Wega are also songs to anticipate.

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