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Comedian celebrates Chivayo’s jackpot

South Africa-based Zimbabwean comedian Baba Tencen has taken to Facebook to thank controversial businessman, Wicknell Chivayo for dangling R100 000 before him on Friday.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Chivayo on Friday posted on his Facebook page that he was looking for the comedian because he wanted to meet and have lunch with him. The businessman described Baba Tencen as “the only sensible comedian” in the country.

Baba Tencen who is famed for his Kuripwa Kugara clowning on Facebook took to the same platform to express his gratitude for the benevolent act.

“I cannot believe the good news. Thank you Sir Wicknell,” said Baba Tencent.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been trying to assist Sir Wicknell to contact me. Yes, we are in touch, we have talked to him and the pledge is for real… Ko inga ndakataura ndikati ini ndinoripwa kugara zvose nokuvata. Mondidii? [I have told you before that I get rewarded to merely sit and sleep, what will you do?],” said the comedian.

However, the offer comes a few weeks after the businessman exchanged a barrage of bitter words with famed comedian Carl Joshua Ncube. Chivayo might have taken the fracas a notch up to prove a point to Ncube, who suggested a “Wicknell roast” comedy session.

Chivayo who has described Ncube as a “poverty-stricken comedian” on Friday seemingly suggested that Baba Tencen was a better entertainer and his number one celebrity.

“I really like this Baba Tencen guy, but I don’t know where to find him.

Someone please help me with his number,” posted Chivayo on his Facebook wall. “He’s the only sensible comedian we have in Zimbabwe.

If anyone knows him or where he lives in South Africa, please tell him Sir is desperately looking for your mobile number because he wants a picture with you and wants to have lunch with you.”
“As my number 1 celebrity, I’m ready and willing to pay him 100 thousand rand in hard cash the day I meet him or transfer it into his South African account…”

Born, Pepukai Zvemhari in Chivi, Baba Tencen has struck gold in the recent past attracting lucrative endorsement deals and more than 20 000 online followers on his official Facebook page with his videos which have gone viral through social media, making him a famous person.

The new development rings true to his famed chant “Kuripwa Kugara” while it could have ostensibly riled fellow comedian Ncube, who is currently in Ivory Coast for shows.

In a post apparently directed to Chivayo on his page Carl Joshua Tinodavanhu Ncube said: “Blaz uya atanga futi.” [That guy is at it again], he waited till I left the country as though he thinks the internet is in Zimbabwe chete [only] looooooool”.

One Response to Comedian celebrates Chivayo’s jackpot

  1. mbeswa March 13, 2016 at 6:26 am #

    Tinotenda. Keep supporting local celebs

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