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Debt collection with a difference

It’s increasingly becoming a norm among Zimbabwean companies and individuals to default credit payments. As the economy continues to bite, the culture of non-payment seems to have gripped the country.



As part of efforts to recapitalise industries and bring stability in the economy, a local company, Twinlife Debt Collectors and Tracers, has come on board to help recover debts on behalf of companies on zero deposit.

The company seeks to promote and facilitate recapitalisation of Zimbabwe industries and genuine service providers who would have been swindled and deprived of their hard-earned money by bad debtors.

“Service providers must recover their outstanding funds through us because we are always of benefit to them and not a disadvantage at all,” said Twinlife Debt Collectors and Tracers marketing director Fortunate Mberikunashe-Chihwehwete.

“We are introducing a unique debt collection programme called the ‘industrial recapitalisation programme’ which is well-designed to suit Zimbabwe’s companies who have for a long time failed to recover their money from bad debtors.”

Mberikunashe-Chihwehwete said the zero deposit commission was key to the ‘industrial recapitalisation programme’.

“Recapitalisation is the only solution which will save organisations from total collapse,” said Mberikunashe-Chihwehwete.

She said after noticing that a large chunk of companies in Zimbabwe were facing viability problems due to defaulting clients, they decided to come up with a unique debt collection programme to keep the industries going.

“We have come up with this unique idea to make sure that companies keep afloat. This month we are running a project that we call the ‘zero percent collection fees’ where we are not deducting collection commissions from recovered funds. A payment plan can be made after the job has been done,” she said.

Mberikunashe-Chihwehwete said they were not charging interest or other recovery costs as the case with other debt collectors.

She said many companies had benefitted from the programme, which she said would go a long way in bringing stability to the economy.

Twinlife Debt Collectors and Tracers recruited capable individuals with vast experience in debt collection.

“Good cooperate governance is our self-esteem while collection of funds is our ego. Some are calling us the finance collection machine because of our achievements,” she said.

Apart from companies the company renders its services to schools, hospitals, crèches, commercial set-ups, security organisations, macro and micro financial entities as well as individuals.

Twin Life Debt Collectors has its headquarters in Harare and is spreading to other parts of the country.

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