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Zimbabweans embrace television cooking show

Zimbabweans have welcomed the airing of the TMPicknPay Battle of the Chefs on ZTV, describing the challenge show as “exciting home-grown content.”

By Our Correspondent

Since the airing of the first and second episodes of the television show, Zimbabweans took to social media platforms expressing their support for the show.

From the products, to the film and production crew; the series is 100% Zimbabwean — and how good it is to be watching something on ZTV again.

The challenge show in which 16 contestants are competing over the course of a 13-week season airs every Sunday at 7pm. The winner will be named in the grand finale to be aired on July 3.

Cooking shows and competitions are a television sensation sweeping the world and gripping attention among cooking and non-cooking enthusiasts alike.

“Having our own home-made version, featuring household favourites like Sun Jam and Tanganda tea in a fully-stocked pantry built to international standards, is pretty exciting,” said organisers of the cook show.

“And the whopping $10 000 prize money has made it a competition worth fighting for.”

The cooking show kicked off with a celebration of spice. On the night of the launch, the first four chefs battled it out in a Mexican Fiesta and in the second episode, the next four explored the history and tastes of India.

Known for their full, rich flavours and a spice element that is far more complex than just adding curry powder and chilies to the dish to achieve the perfect balance, Mexican and Indian cooking are among the most popular and preferred cuisine the world over.

The over-riding comment from judges in the three rounds of each episode was that the chefs needed to pump up the spices and presentation.

Some viewers said the judges’ comments were at times harsh.

The third episode airs on Sunday on ZTV at 7pm.

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