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Hifa retains its essence

Harare International Festival of the Arts (Hifa)’s three-day CABS Classical Music Weekend is evidence that the fete’s essence has not been lost, owing to a different programming set-up as the organisers seek to revamp it, Hifa associate executive director Tafadzwa Simba has said.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

The mini-festival took off to a flying start as the significant crowd which attended was left mesmerised by Coda Africa’s mix of classical and electronic music sounds which was the main event.

Speaking to The Standard Style yesterday, Simba dispelled rumours that the festival was on hold this year, pointing out that they were having mini-festivals and that the first one had been successful.

“The reception has been excellent as Hifa has announced we are doing a series of smaller events and we are catering for all sorts of tastes and genres, so this was the first genre we were looking at,” he said.

He also said that nothing had changed in the traditional Hifa experience except the venues which would be different with each event.

“It is not about Hifa moving to St Georges, but doing different things in all sorts of places. As we go on this year, you will see that we are doing many different events in different places,” he said.

“The Hifa standard has to remain high and so far it has been absolutely wonderful. The feedback that we had from the fans has been great and people who will come through should expect the same.”

Simba, however, conceded that the changes had brought minor setbacks but expressed joy over the overwhelming turn-up of crowds on the first and second days.

“Obviously, it is not the same as when you have six days and when you have 120 shows because this one has a smaller number of shows but for our first day, it was really good,” Simba said.

Hifa is normally held over a six-day period, but this year has been spaced out with events stretching throughout the year.

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