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Inspiring new book from Tafadzwa Mushangwe

As the country’s unprecedented economic woes worsen, local chartered accountant Tafadzwa Mushangwe believes more inspirational literature is vital to ease the pressure and has lined up the launch of his book on May 12 at a hotel in the capital.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

According to him, the book titled Breeding Masters of Destiny will be a game changer with a potential to stimulate a paradigm shift towards success in all that will read it.

Tafadzwa Mushunje
Tafadzwa Mushunje

“I see it energising the reader to want to go after things deemed impossible and do so with the right tools and weapons explained in the book,” he said.

Mushangwe told The Standard Style that the book was not for a particular group, but will cut across all social classes because while the poor aim at prospering, the rich need to learn how to maintain it as well.

“The book was penned out of two core passions, the first being intense desire to coach the weak to be strong, empowering the poor into greatness and ushering the rejected out of the corridors of inferiority,” he said.

“The other one is to be a voice to the accomplished on maintaining the greatness, shutting the doors of the ‘from riches to rags’ kind of headlines.”

Mushangwe said the book, which was fore-worded by philanthropist Nigel Chanakira, was focused on all age groups.

“The target audience is generally the young and old, so they can get it right at their first go, breaking imaginary limits and defying the odds,” said Mushangwe.

A finance manager for a hotel group, Mushangwe said his second book was in the pipeline although he could not reveal any information on the project.

With more Zimbabweans forced into the informal sector to eke out a living, more inspirational writers have risen to prominence in a bid to offer a panacea to the scourge.

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