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Andy Muridzo in trouble

It never rains, but pours for contemporary musician Andy Muridzo. The flamboyant lifestyle which the crooner had become accustomed to might come to an embarrassing end following a fallout with his benefactor, The Standard Style has learnt.


Born Kudzai Andrew Ngwenya, Andy Muridzo “faces eviction” from his Hatfield house, after his sponsor — a local businessman — pulled out of the deal, having already spent nearly $14 000 on the musician.

However, Andy Muridzo said he was not moved by that and would continue staying in Hatfield.

Andy Muridzo relocated from Budiriro to Hatfield where the benefactor was paying rentals.

Sources said the sponsor was disappointed with Muridzo’s behaviour and lack of professionalism, forcing him to prematurely end the association.

“Andy Muridzo was fortunate to have clinched such a lucrative deal with this guy within his short career, but his behaviour chased away the potential sponsor who had great plans for him,” the source said.

“He is staying in Hatfield, but he might go back to Budiriro after the sponsor who was paying rentals told him that he was no longer committed to paying his rentals.

“The plans for him to own a studio also remain a pipe dream after the fallout because the sponsor wanted to help him to establish his own studio in Hatfield.”
The source said some of the issues that led to the fallout included Muridzo’s failure to acquire a learner’s driver’s licence after he was given $150 to do so by the sponsor.

“Muridzo requested for a car for his day-to-day errands, yet he does not have a licence. When he was given the money to acquire a learner’s driver’s licence, he spent it on other things,” he said.

The singer’s alleged relationship with raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda also caused the fallout, the source said.

However, Andy Muridzo’s manager Simbarashe Norman Nyaunga said promoters and businesspeople were selfish and they dictated what they wanted artists to do for their own gain.

“We are still staying in Hatfield and we are capable of paying the rentals,” Nyaunga said.

“Businesspeople and promoters want to exploit artists. This guy you are talking about wanted to use Andy to his advantage. We did road shows for his business and Andy was his brand ambassador. It was a 50-50 affair. He sponsored us and we did jingles and other stuff for him.”

Nyaunga also refuted claims that the Jeetaz Band frontman was romantically involved with Beverley.

“It’s all lies; he never had such a relationship with Bev. We had certain projects with Bev and she was part of artists who performed at the launch of our latest album in April,” he said.

“This is the work of nemesis in the industry who feel challenged by Andy Muridzo’s success.”

Muridzo has also cut ties with local promoter Partson Chimbodza of Chipaz Promotions, ending their five-year contract, amid misunderstandings over promotional issues.

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