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Another nudity exhibition on the cards: Mutamba

The idea that nudity has no space in public spaces is obnoxious and overthrows the wholesomeness of mankind as the form is an epitome of purity and equality, artist Darius Mutamba has said.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Mutamba, who recently held an exhibition themed Object of Desire told The Standard Style that there was no better way to define humanity than a nude state which is “our common and universal element as humans.”

Darius Mutamba

Darius Mutamba

“I feel my work redresses the notion that nudity is not for public consumption because it stands as a statement that says nudity cannot be taboo anymore because in the first place, we were all born or created nude,” he said, adding that he was set to host another similar exhibition.

“I see myself hosting a similar exhibition and rather a more brutal one in the near future,” he said.

Contrary to beliefs that he took advantage of artistry to publicly display the phenomenon, an act deemed illegal in the country, Mutamba said it is only a medium to express freedom of the mind, in turn canning suppression.

“I can address a lot of issues around me using the human form simply because it evokes strong emotions from the masses and I am pretty sure my messages will be heard that way,” he said.

“What drove me was the need to capture and draw attention to the nude human form to comment on it and present my perspective and also the need to provoke society while heralding my distinct self.”

Meanwhile, the event — which was part of Mutamba’s work as a final year student at Chinhoyi University of Technology where he is studying Creative Art and Design — was well-attended.

“I’m happy with the feedback. The number and different classes from the society who attended shows my work has shaken some and impressed some,” said Mutamba, also disclosing he was honoured by the presence of representatives from the German embassy.

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