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Apples, flowers miracle prophet invades Norton

Bright Light Prophetic and Deliverance Ministries founder Brighton Tazvitya Chikomo who started his ministry in Mount Darwin will this Friday announce his arrival in Norton with an “Open Heaven Holy Ground Encounter” all-night church service behind Mindy’s Leisure Centre, 3km before Norton from Harare along Bulawayo road.

By Our Correspondent

Speaking to The Standard Style, Chikomo said he had a message of hope not only for the people of Norton but Zimbabwe as a whole.

“God is about to heal our land and though we may have some pessimists, I am a prophet of God who is sent to declare salvation and total deliverance for those that believe. I am declaring Norton for Jesus and I am calling on Zimbabweans from all walks of life to come and experience the power of God this Friday. It is going to be miracles galore as we demonstrate the power of God,” he said.

Chikomo said while some were doubting the miracles, it was important that the nation awakens itself to the power of God.

“I believe God is all-powerful and while people may associate everything miraculous with the underworld, Zimbabweans must appreciate that God is raising a standard and those that believe will receive their miracles. I am therefore descending on Norton in the power of God and the devil is certainly in trouble,” he said.

The controversial but influential church leader made headlines when he performed miracles using apples and flowers in what was dubbed an “Apples and Flowers Miracle crusade” at his Mount Darwin base. Media reports then narrated how some conceived while some were healed after eating the anointed apples and flowers during the much-hyped miracle crusade.

Never short of controversy, Chikomo again hit the headlines when he performed some street prophecy in Norton where some random women started dripping oil in their hands as he prayed for them. Another woman whose unborn baby was reportedly sitting the wrong way was said to have settled in the correct position as Chikomo prayed for her, much to the shock of onlookers.

The Friday Open Heaven Holy Ground Encounter Night will see Chikomo’s Bright Light Ministries officially launching its Holy Ground and Conference Centre which will house some lodges for those that want to make bookings for engagement with the prophet.

“Friday night will be power-packed. We will officially unveil our Open Heaven Holy Ground facility which has got a conference centre and lodges for our travelling guests who intend to meet the prophet. People must come expecting their miracles. Those who want children, the sick, struggling businesspeople and pastors who want their ministries to be blessed must all come and have an encounter with God. Whatever you want from God it will be done in Jesus’ name,” Chikomo said.

Zimpraise’s duo of Wencilus “Mpostori Wency” Makungisa and Talent Chigwanha as well as Forward Mazuruse, Gladmore Mazuruse, Fellan Chiroodza and The Remnants Group from Bindura will provide music during the all-night service.

Chikomo also revealed that he would dish out some anointed products, which congregants will take with them to their respective homes as he ministers deliverance.

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