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Jah Prayzah in mega album launch

As the news of his new album, Mudhara Vachauya inundates local social spaces, there is no doubt music star Mukudzei Mukombe, popularly known as Jah Prayzah, is setting the bar high once more.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Musoja (his other moniker) is definitely on a class of his own as he aims to fill up Harare International Conference Centre again on August 12 at the Mudhara Vachauya album launch, as well as a road trip to Bulawayo on the next day.

Even though he has sampled some of his songs during live shows and his fans seem to like them, his stylish concept for the launch is what many are looking forward to as well.

The subsequent road trip to Bulawayo with a massive convoy is a first of its kind in Zimbabwe, which will definitely turn heads if it succeeds.

Dubbed First for Zim, one of the promoters of the historic event Benjamin Nyandoro said the event, which has been cleared by authorities, will attract many of the musician’s fans.

“Five buses are already filled with confirmed individuals going to Bulawayo with us, but we are targeting 10 of them and 200 cars to join the entourage,” said Nyandoro, who is director of Jive Zimbabwe, a local company that promotes arts and culture.

“This is an event for individuals ready to spare the whole weekend as we will be having stop-overs in all major towns to push the new release until we reach Bulawayo where the show will be held to celebrate with Bulawayo fans.”

Nyandoro also urged fans to join in the celebration of Jah Prayzah’s seventh album launch, while lauding other musicians for organising similar concepts when introducing their products.

“Music is a business like any other and there is need for a launch and activation of a product like an album, so I am impressed that other stables are embracing the idea. It shows they noticed the benefits,” he said.

Meanwhile, since he has reached the summit on the local music scene, Jah Prayzah now focuses on breaking into the global stage after revealing that he left the “comfort zone” to woo international listenership in the new project.

“I have not left my music, but I only added a few tracks where I left my comfort zone to suit an international audience, so there are a few tracks where people will question if it is really me, just like I did on Hello, which people loved,” Jah Prayzah said on Thursday while maintaining that he was leaving his traditional style.

The change in style explains his collaboration with Tanzania’s youthful Diamond Platinum with a different sound in a song titled Watora Mari.

“It is good to collaborate with such famous individuals on the continent because more people will know you through him and it is an issue of helping each other to go forward,” said the crooner.

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