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The long road to justice

l August 31 2010: Maramwidze reports for the first time at Highlands police station that Kereke raped his 11-year-old niece at gunpoint, but police take time to get a statement from the then RBZ official.



l June 2011: Police complete docket against Kereke and refer it to the then Attorney-General (AG)’s office for perusal and instructions.

l August 2011: The AG’s office says it won’t prosecute Kereke but does not divulge the reasons for the decision.

l August 2011: Maramwidze’s lawyer Charles Warara writes to the AG’s office demanding to know why it declined to prosecute. The letter is not responded to immediately.

l January 2012: AG’s office responds to the letter saying it had misplaced its earlier response but it could not prosecute because of insufficient evidence.

l March 2012: Warara makes a High Court application seeking AG’s office to offer him a certificate for private prosecution. AG’s office opposes the application.

l November 2012: High Court grants Warara’s application but the AG’s office appeals to the Supreme Court.

l 2014: The matter is heard at the Supreme Court of Appeal and the court upholds the High Court decision that the AG’s office should issue a private prosecution certificate. The AG’s office, now the Prosecutor General’s office, approaches the Constitutional Court.

l November 2015: The ConCourt in a unanimous decision orders PG to issue the private prosecution certificate to Warara. PG complies and issued the certificate in December 2015.

l January 2016: The matter is scheduled to be heard before regional magistrate Noel Mupeiwa.

l June 2016: The trial draws to a close and both parties file closing submissions.

l July 11 2016: Kereke is convicted and sentenced to an effective 10 years in prison.

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