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Model fights cyber bullying

Model-cum-activist Tafadzwa Mushunje has launched an anti-cyber bullying trust to help online victims as she finally finds her way out of cyber-attacks she encountered early this year.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Model-cum-activist Tafadzwa Mushunje
Model-cum-activist Tafadzwa Mushunje

Mushunje, who endured massive vitriol and abuse on the internet owing to false allegations, believes the Zimbabwe Anti-Cyber Bullying Trust (ZACBT) will help in the reduction of cyber-crimes in the country.

Speaking to The Standard Style, the former Miss Curvy finalist said her unpleasant experience pushed her to come up with such an initiative.

“My story inspired me. To a greater extent the growth of these social networking sites has led to a growth of what is called cyber-crimes, with more people suffering online within their homes,” she said.

“So, because I have experienced it and I know how traumatic it can be to an individual, I saw the need to curb cyber bullying.”

As the number of active online citizens in the country increases, Mushunje’s hope is to tackle the scourge by preaching mutual respect among internet users.

“I intend to achieve a cyber-bullying free zone in my country because people should learn to respect each other online and they should learn to treat others how they want to be treated in return,” she said.

The model believes the ZACBT idea was long overdue and has pledged extensive help to victims and would-be offenders.

“The trust is going to provide victims with emotional support. Whenever they need to talk to someone, we are going to assist them with appropriate resources, including counselling services to help them deal with their situations,” she said.

Mushunje was abused online after her boyfriend’s ex-wife accused the model of infecting her child with HIV. The model was later cleared by the courts.

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