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Mahachi provides relief for hard-pressed Zimbos

Award-winning gospel musician Tatenda Mahachi has released a single titled Usacheme (Don’t Cry), which is meant to lift the spirits of hordes of Zimbabweans who are experiencing a period of trial and adversity.

By Staff Reporter

Tatenda Mahachi
Tatenda Mahachi

The single, which was released last week, comes at a time when most Zimbabweans are down in the dumps due to the economic and political meltdown the country is experiencing. However, Mahachi said the mainstay of his song — which already has a video — was the “uplifting message of carrying on through tough times.”

“A lot is happening and most people are suffering, but they should not forget that there is God,” said Mahachi.

You might have lost a loved one, marriage, a job or there is no food on your table but God is saying ‘don’t cry’.”
The singer said his late mother played a pivotal role in his upbringing following the death of his father. He said he wrote the song to pay tribute to her.

“I lost my mother, who was the bread-winner and I was scared of facing reality. However, when I surrendered myself to God, I found out that everything was possible in the eyes of the Lord,” he said.

Mahachi said the video was a masterpiece and would soon show on local and regional television channels.

“It is something that I am doing. I have sent some videos to our brothers at ZTV and I am trying to engage regional television channels,” he said.

The singer, who recently gave a top drawer act at the prestigious AfriGospel Unite Festival in Durban, South Africa, said his music was an interpretation of God’s message.

“I am more of a conveyer belt. I am just passing God’s word to people through music. I am happy most people here in Zimbabwe and lately South Africa have embraced my music, which is something that motivates me,” he said.

Mahachi recently released a five-track DVD titled The Journey, carrying videos from his past songs since 2007.

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