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John Ablaza magic rubs off on Cyril Gopoza

Recognition by world renowned designer, John Ablaza, has motivated 21-year-old Bulawayo fashion designer Cyril Gopoza, popularly known as CG, to work hard towards being the finest fashion designer in the country.

By Sindiso Dube

Ablaza was in the country two weeks ago for a series of workshops in Bulawayo and Harare, aimed at sharing information with designers, models and photographers.

“John Ablaza loved my work, singled me out as talented, full of potential and awarded me with a certificate,” said Gopoza.

“It’s an honour to see the greats in the game acknowledging such young talent, this gives me confidence and energy to do more.”

A self-taught dressmaker, who makes men and women designs, Gopoza said he does not spend money on clothes.

“I taught myself tailoring at a tender age, so I don’t remember the last time I went into a store to buy clothes. I make my own clothes and the only thing I buy is shoes,” he said.

Gopoza who grew up in Thorngrove in Bulawayo, said he fell in love with fashion at a tender age.

“I was good with arts at primary school but the love of fashion always overshadowed other school activities. I used to rescind the clothes that my parents would have bought for me and design them again in my own style. My parents used to get pissed about it, but later they accepted that I had a passion for fashion design,” he said.

After completing his secondary education at St Columbus High School, Gopoza studied cutting and design.
He is behind many local artists’ wardrobe.

“I have dressed many artists who include Cal_Vin, MJ Sings, and Thabbz. Working with such people has popularised my brand,” he said.

“Cyril Gopoza (CG) is a brand inspired by the love of art, fashion, style and the everyday situations. Fashion is lifestyle to me.”

Gopoza’s designs have been showcased at events like Fusion Runway in Bulawayo and at the Couture and Culture in Harare.

“I see myself owning a big manufacturing company that employs dressmakers. I would also want to help the needy through my God-given talent,” he said.

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