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Kessia ‘Muchaneta’ Magosha: Zim’s new comedy sensation

What started just as a dance at a funeral has now turned actress Kessia Magosha into a celebrity.
Magosha is the new comedy queen, who has made a name for herself as an outspoken and unfiltered character on the drama Muchaneta, which airs on ZTV.



She is nothing like her blunt on screen persona Muchaneta, in fact, she is the polar opposite.

On Tuesday, the actress shared with The Standard Style how she landed the role of Muchaneta in the drama.

“The director, Nick Zemura saw me dancing at Sekuru Danger’s funeral and asked me if I would handle a nasty daughter-in-law role in a drama,” she said.

“From that conversation, ideas started flowing and Zemura said he was going to write a script about it and that was how Muchaneta was born.”

She said besides landing her first acting role in 2004 where she was an extra in the TV series Waiters, it was Muchaneta that had given her popularity.

“I realised that people watch Muchaneta because when I went to the Harare Agricultural Show last week many people came to me, telling me how they enjoyed watching me on television,” she said.

Magosha, who is studying towards a degree in Community Development at the Women’s University, has also featured in dramas like Soul City Love Stories and Playing Warriors. She had supporting roles in other dramas that included The New Dawn, My Lady, The Team, Sinners, The Fool’s Day and Tokwe Mukosi.

Apart from being an actress, Magosha — a mother of two — is a musician and claims to have been blessed with a spiritual gift.

“I have a spiritual gift of praying for the sick, especially the barren,” she says.

She said acting was inborn and a family thing.

“My father is a humorous person and maybe I got such traits from him. He would play a guitar for me and my brothers when we were young and we would dance,” she said.

Her brother Stanley Masona followed his father’s footsteps and also plays the guitar.

The actress says she loves playing her role as Muchaneta, the hot-headed daughter-in-law, although she said it was challenging.

“I love playing the role because it portrays Muchaneta as an independent woman, but it’s a bit challenging. What I like about Muchaneta is the fact that she works for herself and is a straight shooter who is not afraid to give her piece of mind to her ‘nuisance’ mother-in-law,” she said.

The drama which was produced by Zemura’s Mirazvo Productions has a star-studded cast that includes radio personality Tendai “Sokostina” Garwe (Tambu), Admire “Bhutisi” Kuzhangara (Josphat), Eddington Hatitongwe (Bhaureni), Mai Bhasikolo (Vamarwei) and Rumbi (Lucy).

“I thank Mirazvo Productions and ZTV for giving us a platform to shine and make people laugh,” she said.

The last born in a family of six, Magosha believes that there is more joy in giving than in receiving.

“I have always loved to help people who are needy. From a young age, I used to give people gifts and I am still doing that through a number of charity organisations or churches,” she said.

She said Muchaneta helped her grow as an actress.

“I am looking forward to pursuing a career in acting as well as becoming a television personality,” she said.

“I believe God gives you what you can handle. It always falls into place, but I can’t deny that I get overwhelmed with so many responsibilities but most importantly, I manage to do them.”

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