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Jah Prayzah speaks on Mdhara Vachauya

High riding musician Jah Prayzah is arguably at the apex of the success ladder in his career, but life has not been all rosy for him because of extensive negative criticism.

By Kennedy Nyavaya


Just as in his previous albums, the recently-launched Mdhara Vachauya has gone under all sorts of scrutiny, with fans giving it a thumbs up while a barrage of criticism has also come in equal measure.

There are many theories doing rounds on social spaces, attacking the album for alleged political connotations in some songs and lack of plurality in the new project. But what does the Eriza singer think of all this?

“What I have learned in life is that no matter how good you become, criticism will always be there because there are some people who do not even believe in God, so it is impossible to please everyone,” he said.

“Every project I have done has been criticised before, so it is something I am now giving a deaf ear to. It is there and it is normal… it comes any time, but life goes on.”

He said his huge following kept him going.

“We are in an industry with lots of challenges, but my fans are there to stand by me all the way, as well as supporting me and I appreciate that,” he said.

True to his words, his past works have soared through criticism akin to the latest smash hit titled Watora Mari in which he features Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz.

The video, which has so far garnered more than a million views, has opened opportunities for the musician in the region as it is played on channels like Channel O, Trace Africa and MTV Base, among others.

“I invested money in the project and it is bringing back the views and that is what I wanted, so people can see a project that is well-made,” he said while promising more songs and videos before end of year.

“Maybe I will do one or two collaborations, although I am not ready to disclose the names of the people I will work with. I will do a couple more videos, depending on the songs we will choose because from now onwards we will be doing quite costly videos to match the quality.”

Meanwhile, his young family has had to pay the price of his success. The musician has a horrendous schedule consisting of endless bookings for shows in and outside the country.

“Music is my life so my wife and my family have accepted that because ndizvo zvinotiraramisa [that is our source of income].

“The important thing is that my family knows that when I come, handisi kungodzoka arimaoko chete and ndobasa racho [I bring food on the table and there is no other job apart from music].”

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