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Winky D, Tuku collaboration mesmerises fans

Early this year, controversy started with gospel artist Fungisayi Zvakavapano Mashavave who collaborated with Zimdancehall artist Killer T on the song Vanondibatirana. Zimbabwe had not experienced this kind of combination before and knives were out, with some fans dismissing the union as outrageous.

in the groove with Fred Zindi

However, there were others who embraced the idea and the song skyrocketed to dizzy heights. The controversy was brought about due to the fact that Zimdancehall is often associated with misogyny, homophobia, drugs and sex abuse. So how could a gospel artist collaborate with such “evil”?

Fungisayi, after being infected by the Zimdancehall bug, did not look back. Instead, she went on to record another Zimdancehall scorcher, Amai Ndakanaka, this time on her own.

Now there is yet another “controversial pairing” between Winky D and Oliver Mtukudzi, two artists that come from different musical genres. Zimdancehall is associated with the youth and there are those who argue that Mtukudzi should stick to Tuku Music. They ask, how can a 64-year-old embrace such youthful music into his repertoire?

However, collaboration of these two has ended in a triumphant embrace from the two musical geniuses with their dancehall tune, Panorwadza Moyo.

I have had the opportunity to listen to the tune, thanks to Jonathan Banda, Winky D’s manager, who availed the CD to me.

In my opinion, the song is upbeat, catchy, funky and groovy. It gives off that mass appeal and the two artistes show great chemistry.

As Banda puts it, “The song was composed by Winky D and Oliver plays the guitar on it. You know how versatile Samanyanga is. He can sing in any genre, including Wallace Chirumiko’s compositions. So we invited him to do a duet with Winky D. He was agreeable, hence the production you hear on Panorwadza Moyo.”

Winky D has in the past collaborated with other Zimdancehall artists such as Soul Jah Love, but that did not surprise many as they were both artists from the same genre.

Needless to say, a collaboration between the music duo of Winky D and Mtukudzi has been long overdue, as many must have been wishing upon a star for it to happen, and the gifted singers did not disappoint. The track Panorwadza Moyo parades the concept of sadness and pain, two terms that are not strange to both singers. They simply couldn’t go wrong.

Winky D and Tuku came through on this one with their seemingly effortless flow in a tune which expresses grief. Definitely a jam from the two music heavyweights that you ought to include in your playlist.

A very catchy tune from the dancehall star who “murdered” the chorus and Tuku doing his thing on a Bodyslam/Chillspot riddim.

This kind of collaboration has certainly given a lease of life to dancehall, which was on its deathbed as the two singers belt out the tune from the bottom of their hearts.

One commentator, Tony Liba Amon, who had just bought the CD with the song, had this to say; “It’s a pity they are singing about pain and sadness. The song is full of sorrow and it makes me feel like crying. I think they should have found a more joyous theme. Otherwise this is a very good song and I also commend the producer, Prince Oskid Tapfuma for such a fine production. I enjoyed every minute of the three and a half minute song. It was well-produced.”

From last year’s Disappear, Winky D has shown so much growth song after song, with this tune being no different.
Judging from the amount of airplay Panorwadza Moyo is receiving, this latest project outshines Disappear. I am not sure whether it is because there are two superstars involved or not, but in this one Winky D pours out his heart on the song with his vocals. Although I have been following his act for over 10 years now, I didn’t know that Winky D had such an extensive vocal range. Knowing fully well that he is collaborating with another vocal maestro, justifying his “Ninja President” status and both showing why they are Zimbabwe’s finest, they showcased their best vocal abilities.

The song Panorwadza Moyo begins with a loud melancholic voice of a woman wailing, “Maiweeee!” with Tuku on guitar, then goes into Winky D’s lamenting:
Ndanzwa mhere kurira
Tasiya pano watakuno fushira
Ndiyani watungamira
Ndiyani wafunga kunotichenesera nzira? etc.

Oliver Mtukudzi has collaborated with several local and international artists in the past. These include Sulumani Chimbetu, Jah Prayzah, Jean Masters, Zvakavapano-Mashavave, Louis Mhlanga, Judith Sephuma, Busiswa, Ringo Madlingozi, Carlos Santana, Taj Mahal, Baaba Maal, Toumani Diabete, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and many others.
Recently, he surprised us all when he did a collaboration with his wife Daisy, who is featured on his latest 65th album Eheka! Nhai Yahwe in a song titled Haasi Masanga (It’s no coincidence).

However, it is his latest collaboration with Winky D on Panorwadza Moyo that has left a lot of Tuku fans mesmerised.

We expect more collaborations from both artists in the near future.

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