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How do you let go and start afresh?

In life, we may sometimes go through wilderness experiences which are often punctuated by deep feelings of pain, heartbreak, isolation, grief, loss and betrayal that can create bitterness and anger towards life and those that contributed to these experiences.

Inspiration with Cynthia Hakutangwi

When herding cattle, you always have to be alert of the animals’ whereabouts and what pastures they are feeding from at any given time
When herding cattle, you always have to be alert of the animals’ whereabouts and what pastures they are feeding from at any given time

We all walk through peaks and valleys — and we all have our wilderness experiences. Sometimes you find yourself wandering in the wilderness year after year after year. It feels like you are going around the same mountain over and over. So, how do we interpret our wilderness experiences and what can we do to detoxify and renew our lives again?

What contaminated you?
In life, the things that contaminate us the most are not necessarily agents that force themselves on us. Growing up in rural Zimbabwe herding goats, sheep and cattle — one of my greatest life lessons in those years spent with nature in solitude is that the things that damage us the most are those worthless deposits that we fail to expel from our system until they become toxic enough to destroy us at the core. Whether you have ingested abuse, betrayal or unfair treatment from an individual or organisation, you need to make a choice to release it from your system before it becomes toxic. Release it all and allow the freshness of your Creator’s promises to restore you to wholeness.

From my experiences in herding flocks, one of the most important things I learnt is that you always have to be alert of the animals’ whereabouts and what pastures they are feeding from at any given time. Failure to do that could result in very grievous episodes. I used to herd a very stubborn bunch of goats that would not hesitate to stray to the nearest vegetable garden that caught their sight if you just allowed yourself to snooze for a moment.
Some of these gardens would have been sprayed with poisonous insecticides. I also used to have a very notorious, but exotic Brahman bull that had a knack for eating plastics. It would spend days thereafter in constipated pain until it got human assistance to expel the plastics from its system.

Are you still processing toxic files?
There are some damaged files that we keep processing in our life’s central processing unit which we should have trashed out of the system days, weeks, months or decades ago. Yet sadly, we continue to allow them to circulate in our system, regularly passing through our most delicate, vital and precious organs to be pumped out back again into the veins of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Who would we really be blaming for the toxic waste we carry in our hearts and thought life? These toxic substances are responsible for the lack of wholeness we experience in our bodies and emotions, which is why some of us have many hidden toes and venomous tongues and emotions that erupt at the slightest provocation. When we continue to replay files of trauma, we can only expect to hallucinate even in our most wide awake moments. Naturally this intoxicated condition repels the good and well-meaning people in our lives. Even more, this paradigm will attract those things that we claim to detest and abhor the most because our state of toxicity emits certain fragrances in the intangible realm which attract the very disorder that we claim we don’t want to have in our lives.

Detoxing every life dimension
The act of erasing requires a determined effort to completely delete what you do not want to see manifesting. We cannot expect anyone to undertake that action for us because we ourselves are better acquainted with the writings that exist on the walls of our inner being. Detoxing all these life dimensions requires a boldness to confront issues and a deliberate personal effort to remove what you don’t want to see in your life. The root of our contamination lies in the damaging things that we internalise and allow to take permanent residence inside of us. Once they take permanent residence in our internal realm, they derail and corrupt our progress.

While we are not computerised devices that encounter programme errors and hang, admittedly our life processes periodically inject certain viral objects into our system. As we advance into each year in our lives, our progress, or lack of it, will be determined by the efforts we make to not only confront the things that have contaminated our wholeness but to delete, erase and reset our life controls for a refreshed and wholesome life.

Cynthia Hakutangwi is a communications and personal development consultant, a life coach, author and strategist.
She is the managing consultant of Wholeness Incorporated. Her published book titles include, Destination Wholeness – Going Beyond Brokenness, The Whole You – Vital Keys for Balanced Living and Intelligent Conversations: A Mindset Shift Towards a Developed Africa. She is co-author of Success Within Reach. E-mail: Facebook: Wholeness Incorporated. Website:

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