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Somanje brother retraces his roots

Former Ochestra Dendera Kings backing vocalist and dancer, Never Somanje says he doesn’t regret leaving the Sulumani Chimbetu-led outfit to join his brother Faheem’s group Pengaudzoke.

By Jairos Saunyama

Never Somanje
Never Somanje

The nimble-footed dancer said his blood belonged to the Pengaudzoke family.

A nephew to the late Daiton, Never described Pengaudzoke as a company that was owned by the Somanjes, hence his return to the popular outfit by virtue of him being a family member.

“As you know, I am from the Somanje family. It is impossible for me to work for another company while the family runs a similar business,” he told The Standard Style recently.

“There was nothing bad at the Ochestra Dendera Kings camp. Everything was okay and I was in good books with the captain.”

In June, Never shocked many when he left Ochestra Dendera Kings for the youthful Pengaudzoke, which is yet to register its presence since the death of Daiton last year.

Never is now working hand in hand with Faheem, who has done so much to revive Pengaudzoke.

Never doubles as the leading and backing vocalist.

He said for him, music comes first before money, hence his decision to retrace his roots.

“The truth is that when it comes to music, money is the least thing that I think of. I do not care that I have earned some money or not,” he said.

“Pengaudzoke is ours, we want to see it going forward. I am comfortable without money.”

Never, who is turning 41 tomorrow, joined Somanje Stars, a band that was headed by Daiton’s young brother, Josphat and produced the hit album This Time, which featured popular songs Mukaranga and This Time Haulume. He later joined Pengaudzoke after Josphat was incarcerated.

On September 9 2014 he joined Ochestra Dendera Kings.

“Music is my part-time job, so I don’t regret leaving Dendera Kings. It’s better to help my brother, zvikarema toonera pamwe [if things get tough, we help one another] as a family,” he said.

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