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Tendai Dembo has come of age

Heir apparent to Barura music, Tendai Dembo believes it’s high time he stopped riding on his late father Leonard “Musorowenyoka” Dembo’s success and become his own man.

By Staff Reporter

Tendai Dembo performs at a recent show at Joy Centre in Highfield
Tendai Dembo performs at a recent show at Joy Centre in Highfield

When Musorowenyoka died on April 7 1997, many feared his music would die with him. He was a legend in his own right and his music endeared him with people from various cultural backgrounds.

Dembo died after composing 15 albums and several singles, which included Chitekete, an album that was released in 1991 and sold 100 000 copies. The 17-minute-long song was also played at the Miss Universe pageant held in Namibia in 1996.

Born Kwangwari Gwaendepi on February 9 1959 in Chivi, Masvingo, Musorowenyoka died before he reached his zenith.
Now his mantle has been taken up by his son Tendai, who was seven years old when his father died.

“I think it’s time I built my own brand as Tendai Dembo. I have reached a point in my career where I cannot keep relying on my father’s success,” said Tendai.

The young musician, who alongside his brother Morgan, took the bull by the horns and resuscitated Barura music believes his forthcoming album will mark his entrance into the local music scene.

“My forthcoming album will be the barometer to measure who actually is Tendai Dembo. It’s something that I took time and resources to produce and I hope it will excite Barura music followers,” he said.

Dembo said the forthcoming album — his second in his solo career after the first project Kupa KwaShe — will be released in November.

“We are working on the logistics on where and when exactly we are going to release the album. But, it will be in November,” he said.

He said Kupa KwaShe lacked aggressive marketing.

“Next time, we will have to look at the marketing aspect, because it was the area that let us down when we released Kupa KwaShe,” he said.

Tendai, who has become the darling of the “old school” lovers, said he was happy with the response he was getting from fans.

“Our live shows are always fully-packed and it is something that every musician looks forward to. I am sampling one or two songs from my forthcoming project and it seems people are enjoying them,” he said.

The musician said he would re-do some of his father’s songs, especially in the area of videos, which had not been popular with his father.

Tendai yesterday performed at the Marondera Agricultural Show in the afternoon before he travelled to Honde Valley where he performed at night.

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