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Delta Corporation runs alcohol abuse campaigns

Beverage manufacturer Delta Corporation on Friday held the fourth edition of the Delta-Boost Ethics and Social Responsibility Initiative’s Above the Influence Competition.


The competition, which involves university teams showcasing their publicity campaigns against alcohol abuse, took place at the Harare International Conference Centre.

Delta corporate affairs director Alex Makamure said that the work his company has done to curb alcohol abuse was remarkable.

“The work that has been undertaken by the Delta-Boost teams is phenomenal and the presentations we witnessed here were very impressive indeed,” he said.

He said this year’s initiative was a continuation of the campaign to reduce and mitigate substance abuse that was initiated four years ago.

Mental Health Services and Substance Abuse director Dorcas Sithole said as government, they were cognisant of these multi-faceted challenges linked to substance and drug abuse.

“We recognise that our responsibility is to balance the rights of the communities to be protected against the impacts of substance abuse with the legitimate rights of the adult members of the community to consume products such as alcohol responsibly and in moderation,” she said.

Sithole said it was a process that required strong and meaningful partnerships with many players and was refreshing to find Delta playing a leading role in advocating for responsible alcohol consumption.

This year’s competition ran under the theme, Above the Influence — Campaign Against Alcohol Abuse.

Makamure said the theme underscored Delta’s eagerness to fight alcohol abuse.

“We are concerned about the effects of harmful and irresponsible consumption of our products as this has a bearing on the stability of our communities and has far-reaching negative effects,” he said.

Delta is also running programmes to train traders on how they can play a part in curbing alcohol abuse.

“Students are influencers in their own right. It is for this reason that Delta Corporation found a suitable partner in the Boost Fellowship, who are working with tertiary institutions in the development of leadership skills as well as empowering them for life after college,” he said.

The partnership between Delta Corporation and Boost Fellowship creates a link between the decision-makers of tomorrow and the current leaders in the corporate world.

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