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Shot in the arm for women

Woman Excel, a local organisation that seeks to empower women to break out of mediocrity to greatness has launched a financial facility aimed at uplifting the financial status of women.

By Our Correspondent

RBZ deputy governor Charity Dhliwayo speaks at a Woman Excel meeting recently
RBZ deputy governor Charity Dhliwayo speaks at a Woman Excel meeting recently

The facility called WEDB Financial Services was launched at the Woman Excel fifth anniversary celebrations that were held in Harare recently.

“WEDB Financial Services’ primary intention is to uplift the lives and financial position of women in order to help them access credit for various developmental initiatives,” said Woman Excel founder Edna Mukurazhizha.

She said the facility was open to all women in the country.

Some of the services WEDB Financial Services offer include loans for women pensioners in the agricultural sector and excel loans, which are for women who are in the civil service.

WEDB Financial Services will also extend micro loans to both formally and informally employed low-income earners.

“It is hoped that enhancing credit availability to women can achieve significant ripple effects for women’s development,” said Mukurazhizha.

Studies have shown that women spend more of their incomes on health, education and the well-being of their families and communities.

Woman Excel is the brainchild of Mukurazhizha and Priscilla Munyeza. The organisation was formed to link women in the market place by creating a platform from which they network, share ideas and motivate each other to greater business, social and economic heights.

Woman Excel’s target market includes civil servants, employees from private companies, institutions, selected schemes, small to medium entrepreneurs and churches.

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