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Tammy makes waves in music industry

It seems Ammara Brown has just found her match in rising star Thamsanqa Moyo, popularly known as Tammy in music circles.

By Nicola Gibson

Thamsanqa “Tammy” Moyo (in front) and her backing group
Thamsanqa “Tammy” Moyo (in front) and her backing group

The 18-year-old singer made a statement on the Zimbabwean music arena with her track Ndibereke. She experiments with fusion of various beats to come up with a sound that captures the attention of many music lovers.

Tammy announced her comeback on the music scene this year with a refreshing six-track album titled 18th Roller Coaster, which carries the high-riding single Ndibereke.

She said she started performing at the age of seven when she was in Grade 2 and has never looked back since. The music diva has performed at some of the world’s biggest events like the Madison Gardens in the United States and locally she performed at the National Merit Awards (Nama) and the Harare International Festival of the Arts (Hifa) where she sang the national anthem.

“I started music when I was seven after my parents discovered the potential in me,” she said.

“In junior school, I used to sing in the choir before I started opening up for big functions like Nama and Hifa where I would sing the national anthem. I then started writing my own songs.”

She said her music was inspired by real life experiences as she explained; “I usually write about life experiences in general. People say to me my music is more on the inspirational side of things but I wouldn’t think it is like that,” she said.

“I’m more of someone who writes about experiences in general. If I’m sad, I write about how sad I am and if I’m happy, I also write about why I’m happy.”

Being in her final lap in high school, Tammy talked about how the journey to become a successful musician has been.
“Trying to break into an industry that is dominated by men and people who are older than you is difficult,” she said.

“When you present your ideas, people will look down upon you because of your age and gender. So, I can say my journey to become an artist was a bit tough, but good as well.”

The starlet has managed to win the hearts of many with her angelic voice and her electrifying stage performances.

She has portrayed her music in a way that other people haven’t really explored.

“I’m really happy that people can actually dance, groove and relate to the lyrics at the same time. I didn’t think people would actually dance to my songs because most of the times when a musician sings about life, the rhythm is usually mellow and on the down low. So, I think it’s special to see people relating to my music,” she said.

Tammy said she draws her inspiration from artists like the late Sam Mtukudzi, Prudence Katomeni, and Dudu Manhenga.

“I absolutely loved the works of the late Sam [Mutukudzi]. His messages were very powerful and I can definitely relate because it was coming from someone who was young. In as much as I want a universal message, its very inspiring to see young people of my age doing great things.”

Tammy has performed alongside heavyweights like Oliver Mtukudzi, Joe Thomas, Ba Shupi and Stunner.

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