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Jonathan Mgazi resurfaces with new nine-track album

Forgotten music producer and gospel musician, Jonathan Mgazi has resurfaced, this time with a nine-track album titled Rudo.


Jonathan Mgazi
Jonathan Mgazi

Mgazi, a veteran singer who was introduced to the world of gospel music by Charles Charamba, last released an album titled Nenyasha in 2013 before he went into hibernation.

Although he maintained that he had been active in South Africa, local gospel music followers thought the Kereke YaJesu hitmaker’s career had hit a brickwall.

In a recent interview with The Standard Style, Mgazi said he was very active in music and would soon launch the forthcoming album in South Africa.

“Yes, I am working on an album titled Rudo. It’s not yet released, but I hope before the end of this year it would be out,” he said.

Mgazi said he chose to name the album Rudo because he believes that the love of God conquers all.

“To wake up in the morning being alive and having something to eat is only because of the love of God, so we have to appreciate it,” he said.

The veteran artist has contributed four tracks on the nine-track album, while his wife has five songs.

“Currently I am doing shows in South Africa where there are a number of fans who knew me from my early singing days. My fans should expect good music from this album and it’s different from my previous ones,” he said.

“God does not cast us away when we come to Him in time of need, for it’s His nature to love. No matter what we do wrong He shows us love and helps us when we need Him.”

Mgazi started his music career in 1997 as a keyboardist for Charamba’s Fishers of Men before he moved to veteran gospel crooner Mechanic Manyeruke.

He, however, weaned himself from being a “behind the scenes” artist and started his own project. He said he was left a bitter man after falling out with some musicians.

“By the time I was building my reputation in the music industry, some artists said they didn’t want to work with me anymore and I don’t know the reason why,” he said.

However, the veteran producer who has produced work for Manyeruke, among a myriad of gospel artists, said he was ready to work with upcoming Zimbabwean artists.

He believes his input could go a long way in ameliorating the country’s music industry.

The 38-year-old musician is arguably one of the most talented musicians and producers to have emerged from Zimbabwe. He has won a number of accolades, including a gong at the National Arts and Merits Awards. He has released more than 10 albums and believes that the sky is the limit.

Some of his notable productions include Tendai Kuna Baba, Mwari Wakanaka and Rinopisa.

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