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Fungisai ditches dancehall, opts for traditional beat

Gospel diva Fungisai Zvakavapano Mashavave has ditched dancehall, opting for a traditional beat for her forthcoming “season’s song”, to be released on New Year’s Eve.

By Staff Reporter

Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave in the video of the “song of the season”
Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave in the video of the “song of the season”

However, the gospel queen, who courted controversy after teaming up with Killer T for the chart-busting single Vanondibatirana, said as a versatile artist, she was not abandoning her legion of dancehall followers.

“I cut across genres and I will not hesitate to churn out relevant tunes across the board. For now, I have a ‘season’s song’ set to be released on New Year’s Eve and it’s on a Zimbabwe traditional beat,” Fungisai said.

“This is just to prove that my singing is not limited to one genre. Rather, I have the responsibility to be relevant to all Zimbabweans of divergent music tastes. I am a versatile artist who is comfortable with any beat that suits any target audience across demographics.

“Performing a dancehall, mbira tune or any other genre today does not limit my creativity tomorrow. What God disposes in my heart is what I will churn out.”

She said the song of the season will be released on audio and video. Vusa Hlatshwayo, who produced ExQ and Ammara’s video Bhachura, is working on the final stages of the video, which Fungisai described as one of her best.

The songstress, however, said she had not turned her back on dancehall.

“Dancehall fans should not lose hope. They can enjoy the dancehall album that I recently released and wait for the biggest one — a single — that is coming in the first quarter of next year,” she said.

Fungisai described social media as a nightmare after she became a victim of cyber abuse, but said somehow she weathered the storm.

“There were socially-constructed misconceptions and misinterpretations of my actions and person which led to my ridicule through social media. The greatest nightmare of it was how it affected my family, but I thank God for strengthening them through it all,” she said.

Fungisai said teaming up with Killer T and producing a hit Vanondibatirana was a major achievement in her career.

“My collaboration with Kelvin Kusikwenyu [Killer T], followed by my dancehall album which earned me four awards and multiple nominations were my greatest achievements this year. Winning the awards had been the epitome of my 2016 celebrations. They are my faith story, a testimony of my hard work and perseverance,” she said.

Fungisai said apart from winning awards, the year had started on a low note.

“The year started sorrowfully hopeless for me with a lot of hurdles to leap. I had a God-given assignment to carry out, so I had a belief in myself and God to hold on to,” she said.

“It’s the year I dared to come out of the cocoon, follow my heart and believe in God for miracles, amidst a lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions. It’s the year I conquered the social media blues and made it for the Glory of God.”

The gospel diva said she was eyeing a regional crown, vowing to take her music across the continent.

“I have no doubt that continental television channels like Trace Africa and other DStv channels will not help, but include me on their play list because of the creative artist I have turned out to be, especially with the video of the fortconing song of the season. So far, my videos have found their way onto Zambezi Magic,” Fungisai said.

She said next year she would not concentrate much on music due to other commitments.

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