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I am 21 and still a virgin, says star

Local hip-hop star Chiedza Maswera, better known by her stage name Blacperl, says at 21 years old, she is proud to be a virgin — adding that having sex was not a prerequisite for being an artist.

By Nicola Gibson


In a recent interview with The Standard Style, the hip-hop diva said one could be sexy by exuding confidence and charisma. She said being sexy and having sex were two very different things.

“Yes, I am a virgin and the basis of staying pure is to send a message to the next crop of sisters in the arts industry and kill stereotypes that girls have to trade in their bodies to make it to the top in the arts industry,” she said.

Blacperl said by publicly announcing her virginity, she was beating stereotypes of how people “imagine” a virgin to be, more so, a female artist.

“I don’t believe in trends. I always create a path that way and I also create another way for the next person. My subject matter doesn’t conform to trends,” she said.

“My dating life is on vacation. I’m currently engaged to my art and married to the hustle but might be open to dating soon. I think I’ll have put enough into the roots of my career to balance the two.

“Staying this way has helped me to be focused, instead of trying to balance a lot of things, including the emotional rollercoaster associated with dating while working on a career at a baby stage. I can say things have gradually changed and I’m moving to the next level with each season. I can safely say that I’m at a better place right now and still marching.”

Not many celebrities have openly talked about their virginity, save for American artists such as Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks. Fellow American actress and model Tamera Mowry-Housley was deflowered when she got married at the age of 29 years.

Being the last born in a family of three, Blacperl said she was not afraid of expanding her horizon as she was looking forward to venturing into broadcasting, particularly television. She is studying for a degree in Media Studies.

In October she released her debut album titled The Blac Diary, whose songs mainly touch on real life struggles, giving hope to people. She picked the song titled Chiedza as one of her favourite tracks on the album.

“The album Blac Diary is like an audio book. I rap and sing about my innermost pains and experiences. The song Chiedza is one of the most personal songs that you’ll find on the album. The title of the album comes from my stage name Blacperl,” she said.

Blacperl is without a doubt well on her way to achieving her dreams after she scooped the Zim Hip-hop Best Female award last year and was a nominee in the same category this year. However, she lost to Bulawayo’s AwA.

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