The return of Kuchinei Chatsama

AFTER taking a decade-long sabbatical from music, Afro-jazz singer Kuchinei Chatsama is set to bounce back into showbiz with a sizzling single track Parere Moyo, which talks about self-belief.


Kuchinei Chatsama

Kuchinei Chatsama

The 35-year-old singer, who carved a name for herself with the hit tune Nyembesi in 2005, went into hibernation in 2006 soon after the release of her album titled Mudiwa Wangu.

In an interview with The Standard Style, Chatsama said her absence from the studio was due to failure of her previous album.

“My previous six-track album titled Mudiwa Wangu was not well-received on the market and after that heart-breaking experience I just said I needed to heal. It was like a mother protecting her children from savages and vultures,” she said.

“I was really disappointed having put a lot of effort into its production and that resulted in my silence.”

Chatsama made sensational claims that she had shelved the release of her gospel and jazz albums due to lack of professionalism among music producers, promoters and production houses.“Some musicians are doing their best in their careers but their effort is not bringing food on the table and this is something that has gone on for years,” she said.

The musician blamed the poor lives that artistes had to endure on promoters and producers whom she accused of failing to do their jobs well.

“There is a time that you think of quitting and I have done that many times because of heartbreak, but if it is something in you, you cannot afford to permanently abandon it, instead you just hibernate,” Chatsama said.

In her career, Chatsama has worked with different artistes, among them, Clive “Mono” Mukundu, Willis Wataffi and Willom Tight, whom she said she cherished having worked with.

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