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Is Stunner the male version of a ‘gold-digger?’

FLAMBOYANT hip hop singer Desmond “Stunner” Chideme’s affection for wealthy women has come under scrutiny again after his wife Olinda Chapel exposed his alleged shenanigans on Facebook, claiming he was not man enough to look after himself.


Stunner and his wife Olinda
Stunner and his wife Olinda

The Dhafukorera hitmaker whose music career has been punctuated by controversies has been accused of being a “gold-digger” who is in the habit of dating rich women for the love of money.

Stunner once dated socialite Pokello Nare who was also said to have financed his flamboyant lifestyle and the affair propelled him to fame before their nasty breakup.

Interestingly, Chapel has made sensational claims in the same rant she streamed live, alleging that the two (Stunner and Pokello) were still playing it underground as they constantly call and text each other.

In Chapel’s Facebook video on Thursday, she poured her heart out as she exposed the “flashy”
Stunner who is on record claiming that he worked hard for everything that he owns, yet his wife alleged she was responsible for his upkeep.

“Desmond [Stunner] walks around as this person that has made it, but I paid for everything from the Audi he used to drive to everything he uses. I paid for him to do an album launch,” an emotional and weeping Chapel said.

“I am in England working day in and day out thinking that I am building . . . thinking that I have a husband and kids to look after, but what do I get in return?”

In a dramatic turn of events, Chapel and Stunner appeared to have resolved their differences.

Chapel took to Facebook to apologise to her husband and people who had commented about the drama, saying she was fed with false information by one of the singer’s friends.

Stunner also took to Snapchat to confirm their reunion.

However, Chapel’s apology, which she later pulled down, was met with mixed reactions across social media platforms as some suggested that it was a publicity stunt for Stunner to revive his fading career, while some referred to their marriage as a transactional union.

“This is a business relationship more than it is built on love because Stunner is in it for the money while Olinda is in it for fame,” said Anotida Madzinga on Facebook.

“This could have been a publicity stunt for these two to get people talking about Stunner, just like Jay Z and Beyonce’s Lemonade issue,” Simbarashe Ndoro said.

Meanwhile, the release of a song by Stunner featuring Nox titled, Letting You Go on the same day has fuelled speculations that Chapel’s rant was a publicity stunt to market the song.

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