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Sorry guys I’m taken: Lady B

Controversial female Zimdancehall chanter Brenda Bechani, better known in the local music circles as Lady Bee, is in a committed relationship and her fiancé helps her come up with most of her projects, The Standard Style has learned.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Lady Bee
Lady Bee

The singer is widely known for sexually-charged lyrics and erotic dance moves in most of her music videos which have over time attracted wide negative criticism.

In a recent interview with The Standard Style, the songstress divulged that she was engaged. She, however, refused to disclose the identity of the fiancé and how long they have been together.

“I have no children and I am not formally married. Let us say I am engaged,” she said.

While information gathered by this publication pointed to the said partner (name supplied) doubling as her manager, the Mpunduru singer insisted he was just helping her where he could, adding, however, that he had no problem at all with her notorious artistry.

“My fiancé is not and never was my manager but I wish he was because he helps me and he is good at it,” she said.

“He has no problem with my songs and he sometimes helps by even creating some of the scripts for my videos.”

True to her assertion, a man believed to be the partner can be spotted in one of her music videos titled Muzambara.

Zimdancehall artists are famed for their inability to maintain healthy relationships for long, with one example which comes to mind being the Soul Jah Love and Bounty Lisa “marriage”.

The two were once viewed as Zimdancehall’s power couple but are now said to be on separation after the former allegedly got abusive.

Dancehall queen Bounty Lisa was at one time Soul Jah Love’s manager before the nasty breakup which momentarily dented both their careers.

Many others have also fallen victim, with supposed “loose morals” blamed for their predicament.

However, Chitungwiza-bred Lady Bee who apparently had a “damascene moment” back in 2013 and was ironically quoted saying she had quit her aphrodisiac tricks, seems unrepentant as her performances and productions are still as sexually explicit as before.

“People who judge others are disgusting in the eyes of the Lord. Who gave them the authority to categorise my work as sexually-provocative?” she queried.

Lady Bee also added that most of the “critiques” in fact made up part of her biggest fans that follow her in secret, hence she takes no offence.

“I do not react to such criticism at all as it actually keeps me going. If such people were not there, I would not be entertained; the more they make noise, the more I know my work is famous.”

With one album under her belt and currently working on another set for release later this year, Lady Bee said her aim was to create an identity for herself as did music greats like Oliver Mtukudzi, Thomas Mapfumo and Alick Macheso, among many others.

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