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Munodonhedza Musika hit maker a bitter man

Following the popularity of his hit single Munodonhedza Musika, some promoters are now fraudulently using Boom Berto’s face on posters to advertise their events without his knowledge, it has emerged.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Boom Berto (left) and Jah Signal
Boom Berto (left) and Jah Signal

The dancehall star, real-name Albert Mushore’s song which has remained a hit since the festive season has presented rich pickings for the rising dancehall star.

In an interview with The Standard Style on Friday, Boom Berto said he had been defrauded on countless occasions and had no clue how to stop the abuse.

“There are some promoters who are putting up posters with my face on them in different areas without my knowledge and it is increasing with each week,” he said.

“Just yesterday [Thursday] I received a call from some people in Masvingo asking me if I am performing there tomorrow yet I am booked in Gweru.”

The frequency of the incidents now worries the chanter, who says this might have damaging repercussions on his growing career.

“This is not only fraud because they are using my name to make money at their shows but it also taints my image because people may get the wrong perception that I do not attend shows I am billed to perform,” he said.

Aside from the rip off, the 27-year-old is enjoying the crest of his newly-found fame and hopes to maintain his relevance in the trade.

“Honestly-speaking, the song has been a life-changer. Apart from enjoying massive airplay on radio stations, I get bookings every weekend now,” he said.

“The issue of fame is overwhelming but I will keep on with my same meditation because I do not sing controversies or personal issues but things that happen in society, so I will continue doing that.”

After releasing a singles collection of his past work last week, Boom Berto said he was working on the video for his super hit as well as a second singles collection.

“I am trying to build on that same momentum. Firstly, I am following up with a video for the song which will be released in three weeks’ time followed by a singles collection next month,” he said, adding that his debut album would follow soon after.

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