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Biking is my life: Evonne

Biking is a hobby that is usually associated with danger, machoism and violent gangs, if the Hollywood stigma is anything to go by.

By Kudzai Kuwaza

Evonne Mudzingwa
Evonne Mudzingwa

However, Evonne Mudzingwa (pictured) is one lady who is debunking the myth associated with biking. For Mudzingwa, biking has opened up opportunities as well as providing an almost therapeutic effect.

“I never believed in love at first sight until I clapped eyes on a particular blue Kawasaki Z10. I discovered a whole new meaning to love and my life has taken a whole new meaning,” Mudzingwa said of her passion for biking.

“Riding a motorcycle is the most exhilarating feeling; just the two of us on the road, clears the mind. For me, biking is not a phase, it’s my life. It’s not a hobby, it’s my passion.”

Mudzingwa does not ascribe to the widespread view that biking is dangerous where one risks life and limb.

“The general perception and belief is that biking is extremely dangerous. Riding a motorcycle in itself is actually not dangerous at all,” she argues. “It is the elements around a person riding that are dangerous. That is the reckless drivers and numerous potholes without forgetting of course the need to be more alert on the road.”

The Zimbabwe biking community, Mudzingwa notes, is pretty small compared to other motorcycle clubs worldwide. Some of the biking clubs in the country include Havoc Brother, Bikerboyz, Muslim, Scorpions, Christian, Freeriders Survivors Motorcycle Club and Ulysess.

The biking mother of two points out that biking is not just about fun but also plays a major role when it comes to charity.

“In a biker’s calendar, we raise funds, source donations or simply ride to old people’s homes and orphanages to put a smile on their faces. This is the beautiful side to the biking community that people are unaware of,” she said.
“Our clubs collectively ride and raise funds and donations for Chiedza Children’s Home, Matthew Rusike Children’s Home as well as several old people’s homes in Mvurwi, Marondera and Chegutu. We end our year by doing a toy run to various children’s homes and animal shelters.”

Meanwhile, the fitness battles which she runs have grown in stature since their inception in 2014. What started out as ladies only fitness battles have since encompassed men and rebranded to Eves Extreme Fitness Battles.

Swimming galas is another discipline that has been added to the event. Mudzingwa revealed that they had gone into partnership with First Mutual.

“Several reputable companies have sponsored the battles over the years, with ZOL, Mars, AAZ , IQ Media and Divas Inc being the consistent battles partners. This year the battles will be going beyond as they are being powered by First Mutual Health,” Mudzingwa said.

A number of events have been lined up, including the 17km Mazoe Hotel Battle and the Eves Fitness Battles on May 6 at ZB Sports Club.

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