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Cool gospel from the east by Tafadzwa Mukaro

WHAT will catch the ear of music fans is a deep sense of sincerity pouring out of the rich voice in the songs of upcoming gospel musician, Tafadzwa Mukaro (pictured), which all but reveal her way of life as she says it —she has lived and lives for the gospel.

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Tafadzwa Mukaro
Tafadzwa Mukaro

Her originality, the flowless and smoothened manner of the compositions aptly exhibit a singer whose composing prowess has been perfected during her days at Africa University in Mutare.

As proven by the quality of her music, that the former Hartzell schools’ pupil was part of the Africa University choir that toured the United States in 2004 is no surprise.

The valuable experiences at Africa University, where she graduated with a BSc in Education in 2006, planted a seed in her to sing for the Lord, which she said was founded on her “natural desire to express her love for God musically”.

A second-best slot on StarFM Gospel Greats Final Top 50 on her song Mhinduro, off her debut album Mwari Anesu in 2014 comprising six tracks recorded by veteran producer Lyton Ngolomi at Lyton Studio, was a great beginning for Mukaro, who currently works in the financial sector.

Later in 2015, a second album titled Tomurumbidza which she did with her Faith Movers band presented an opportunity for her to do the full package for her growing number of fans — an accompanying DVD compilation.

“I also have a compilation DVD which has got songs from the first and second albums. I have two singles — Kupisirira Kune Zuva and now Ndashanda. Currently, I am working on the video for the newly-released single Ndashanda.

What catapulted her into singing Dandaro was the desire of “wanting people to experience how powerful God is and the beauty of His grace which God has shown over and over in my life”.

“The message in the song is about the day-to-day struggles experienced by people to make ends meet. With all the struggles, people must know that God sustains us by giving us strength and blessing the work of our hands,” she said.

The single, which was produced by Munya Vialy, is currently enjoying fair play on local radio stations.

Having grown up in a Christian environment at Old Mutare Mission in Manicaland, Mukaro testifies that from a tender age she was exposed to “expressing the love of God through song in the church choir at United Methodist Ehnes Memorial Church in Mutare”.

“I grew up surrounded by gospel music and from then on, I decided that’s what I want to do.”

“My songs take an Afro-jazz feel that tries to package the gospel message in a creative way that pleads with the listener’s ear and some of the praise songs are upbeat and groovy to get the praise mood happening.”

Young upcoming artists, this is not an easy journey as it has its high and lows, but it’s a beautiful ride if you let God be the driver of your destiny, Mukaro advises.

“Don’t feel discouraged if your expectations are delayed, but trust and thank Him because He knows the plans He has for you. In the fullness of time He will make it beautiful,” she said.

The advice comes from a singer, whose most memorable moment was her first time ever in the studio. When she “cried after hearing myself on the studio monitors… for that moment was an answer to many years of prayer” after her producer played her first recording.

Local gospel icon Olivia Charamba is her favourite, while on the international scene, the gifted and diverse gospel artist and Nigerian music minister Sinach — whose song Waymaker is making the waves in Zimbabwe — is her best.

Mukaro is thankful for the unwavering support of her husband, Wisdom, who is her manager and attributes her success in the face of her taxing and numerous and diverse roles to “God who makes all things possible. Somehow the roles all merge together it actually makes me feel a balance that motivates me to be a better person in everything.”

“It’s not easy to juggle the roles of gospel artist, working woman, mother, wife aunt, sister, friend during the day, I am at work the whole day. After work I have to go for practice and during the weekend I am performing.”

Her biggest miracle that God gave her is her family; “My parents are a gift from God, they instilled in me values that have made me become all that I have been, all I have become and continue to be.

“My husband and children are also a God-given miracle. They inspire me to be the best I can be and surround me with so much love.”

She is bold and does not mince her words on the future of gospel music — gospel music is evolving in an exciting way. The level of quality of praise and worship songs being composed is impressive and it’s encouraging to note more and more gospel artists are emerging everyday.

“There is need to have as many ministers as there are souls to be saved before the second coming of Christ. I am confident that in the next five years with this momentum quite a number of our gospel musicians’ music will cross borders regionally and internationally,” she said.

With such faith and talent, who can doubt that Mukaro is set to be among those to achieve local and international fame in the next five years.

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