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I have repented: Lady Squanda

Self-styled queen of Zimdancehall Lady Squanda (pictured) says welcoming her second daughter into the world has transformed her for the better.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Lady Squanda
Lady Squanda

Born Sandra Gazi, the Chitungwiza-bred singer has in the past been mired in several controversies and violent tiffs with both male and female musicians.

Speaking to The Standard Style on Friday, Lady Squanda said the birth of the now week old baby, whom she said has not been named yet, had brought maturity to her.

“Everything has changed after giving birth and I have moved from being just a young lady into a woman,” she said.

The award-winning musician disappeared from the music scene in March last year and was reported to be in South Africa after assaulting comedian-cum-chanter Abra Skimbo. However, she has since apologised.

After giving birth last week, she said she was ready to bounce back with an album titled Reality in which she aims to debunk life circumstances through what she calls “party songs”.

“Generally, people love to be happy and having fun and that is why you see even churches are adopting vibrant strategises to lure more congregants. That is what I am trying to do on my new album which talks about real societal issues with a party vibe,” she said.

After the hiatus, Lady Squanda says she was past diss songs and her singles collection released early this year was a reflection as it carries tracks like Ndatendeuka, Munamato and Kana Ndaenda, which are all laden with positive social messages.

The new album which she said will feature artists like Freeman, Roki and Trevor Dongo, is lyrically rich.

“I do different things all the time and I know I have undoubted talent so you will find songs like Kudhakwa which talks about how youths are abusing drugs nowadays and the repercussions,” she said.

“There is also a song titled Pandakatanga, which details my life until today. But all in all, it is a reality check bringing out that some things are the way they are and we cannot change them.”

Arguably the only lady chanter heading a music stable, After 8, she boasted that her “empire” was growing stronger and bigger under her “good leadership”.

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