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When friendship dies, let it go

Have you ever heard people saying that. “Oh, just because he is now at this level, he does not know us anymore”? This is something that is usually said when you used to talk with someone or hanged around with them, but as they progressed in life, their priorities changed and they got more occupied that they did not have as much time for you as they had before.

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It’s good to let go of some people since it allows you space to meet other  incredible individuals along the way
It’s good to let go of some people since it allows you space to meet other
incredible individuals along the way

My question is always, “Is it that this individual is shunning those they used to know, or are they just in a different space in their life that things are not the same as before?” This kind of shift in focus happens a lot when you grow up and realise that you used to spend so much time on things that were not that beneficial to your being and your path line.

I remember when I was in high school, I used to have lots of friends, and we even used to do a lot of sleep overs and the frequent visitations. Over a decade later and I don’t even know where to begin a conversation with most of these people. It is not because I do not know them at all as I clearly know a part of them, but our focus and directions have completely changed. Some of these former school mates are fathers and mothers, and here I am still not even thinking about all that kind of stuff. Obviously, with these stated facts and other variables, we surely are not the same people and our visions have changed.

Sometimes we beat ourselves so hard trying to remain the same individuals we were, just because someone has mentioned that you are now full of yourself. This obviously might be accurate to them and puzzling to you, as you will not be seeing any such aspects in yourself. One thing I have learnt along the years is that, at times we get ourselves stressed because we seek to please others immensely; this might be in the form of compromising our values for others or simply going out of our way to make someone happy.

Life is simple, you carry through those that contribute positively to your life and simply drop those that are dead skin along the way. I really think it is okay for one to have that realisation and make their decision on who they will continue to associate with. The more you grow and get responsibilities, the more your priorities change and you also seek to connect with those that are of motivation to you.

It’s okay to let go and also make space to meet other incredible individuals along the way. I have had instances where I met someone and felt like I have known them all my life. When this happens, it simply indicates to you that you win some and you lose some. Life is about prioritising things that matter to you. For more, do listen to my podcasts.

Gilmore Tee is a well-travelled social entrepreneur, public relations and branding consultant, host, curator and above all, global citizen. He is the co-producer of the weekly #GTeeVibe podcast and is one of the leading fashion facilitators in southern Africa. He can be reached at or Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/SnapChat: Gilmore Tee

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