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Low business for vendors at Hifa

VENDORS selling wares at the Harare International Festival of the Arts (Hifa) have expressed concern over the low business realised at this year’s event.

BY Vanessa Gonye

A vendor at Hifa
A vendor at Hifa

Vendors who spoke to The Standard Style said this year’s event was a disappointment compared to previous editions where they recorded brisk business.

“My child, it is difficult out there. Hifa is not successful for us since we are not realising anything out of it. The situation is just bad,” said one woman selling snacks at the event.

Other vendors said business was not in its usual form but it was fluctuating where at times it was booming and at times very low.

“At times we record high sales, but it depends with the day. One day it will be very good but the other, it may be difficult to sell even half of our wares,” said Andrew Sabao.

Some vendors blamed lack of business on the bad economy, saying the decline in business was a result of the bad economic situation in the country where there was a terrible cash crisis, hence the huge decline in business compared to previous editions of Hifa.

“Hifa has been boosting our businesses but this year nothing has come of it. It may be a result of the economy; we all know that there is a cash crisis in the country, so for some of us who do not accept plastic money, it is a disaster,” said Simbarashe Nekuti.

“The cash crisis is worsening the situation. We had hoped that Hifa would boost business, but it’s not the case.
During previous editions, by afternoon we would have been on our second or third lot but as you can see, this is the first lot of my wares today,” said one woman.

Hifa has been known to boost business for vendors in its previous editions but this year it has been a flop for many who usually sell their goods at the event.

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