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Pauline relives Mafriq memories

The odds of achieving fame twice in one lifetime stretch from rare to impossible and songstress Pauline Gundidza can attest to it almost a year after she announced her comeback in the music industry.

By Kennedy Nyavaya


A former member of the now disbanded Afro-fusion trio named Mafriq, Gundidza aka Mai Sky’s flourishing past seems to be haunting her future.

Those who were at the Harare International Festival of the Arts and managed to see her perform at the Hivos stand would agree that the songbird still has a soothing voice as in the past.

But, why is she failing to soar up to same heights as she did during the Mafriq days?

“I’ve been in the game. I’ve been in the industry looking for myself, I am finding myself and things that feel natural in my music so I take it back to Ndizvo Chete,” she told The Standard Style.

Ndizvo Chete is one of the hit songs Mafriq released at their prime in the early 2000s with Gundidza, who was the only woman, being the lead singer.

Although her prospects of rekindling a vibrant solo career are clouded by the absence of two other voices music followers had gotten used to for over a decade, she remains positive.

“It is a story of a dark night, a bit of trouble here and there but then we came out strong so it’s the message that I am pushing,” she said.

“You have to adapt and accept what you cannot change and change what you can in serenity. It’s 2017, Pauline is coming out and today is today, tomorrow is tomorrow but I still love Mafriq.”

Last year she announced her rebound under the management of her new lover, Manzul Fazlahmed aka Fuzzy L.

The two released a collaboration titled Isu Takunda, announcing their intent to conquer all adversity in the cut-throat music industry.

With a couple of collaborations with different artists, even those in Zimdancehall like Ninja Lipsy, Gundidza believes her breakthrough is nigh.

“I believe in what’s happening right now, I am not going to look at the past, I am looking to the future,” she said.

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