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Ruby Lynn has own way of enhancing beauty

Zimbabwean and Australia-based Ruby Lynn (pictured below) is a unique beautician who has come up with her own make-up range.

By Nomuzi Mtunzi

Ruby Lynn
Ruby Lynn

A nurse by profession, Lynn is the founder and creator of the Ruby Lynn luxury cosmetics brand.

While a number of beauticians are making a killing in the manufacturing of skin-lightening creams, Lynn seems to be carving a niche for herself in cosmetic formulation, making her own mineral powder foundation from her home.


“I have always wanted to use make up, hence the decision to have my own product range. I am making these products in the comfort of my home,” she told The Standard Style recently.

“I created a Facebook page titled Kugeza Nerunako last year, so that we talk about beauty and empower each other as women. Although I am a nurse by profession, based in Australia, I have always loved make-up, so I created the Facebook page to share what I learnt about make-up with my Zimbabwean sisters all over the world.”

Lynn said every woman was beautiful but they just needed to enhance their beauty.

“Some women prefer being natural without make up and others add sparkle to their natural beauty using different cosmetic products,” she said.

“Make-up is fun and therapeutic. To the ladies who are afraid to use it, try it because it is created for us women.”

Lynn described a beautiful woman as someone who “has a good heart and is fun to be around”.

“Make-up enhances the beautiful features on a women’s face; it makes women more confident and it raises their self-esteem,” she said.

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