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Gospel artist Masinire rooted in the Word of God

OUT of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks is the biblical inspiration that radiates from gospel minister, Best Mukundi Masinire, as he declares in song, the goodness of Jesus Christ testifying to the world what He has done for him.

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Best Masinire
Best Masinire

The journalist-cum-musician’s latest release — a world-class single titled Rooted in the Word Of God — a duet he did with songstress, Whitney Songbird, has become an instant hit whose success has gone beyond Masinire’s expectations.

“We are receiving testimonies from all over the world from that song. We are currently putting finances in order to do a world-class video of the song,” he said.

With two albums under his belt, Nakusasa Futhi (2015), produced by Dickson Mandota at Moods of Africa Studios and The Singles album (2016) produced by Tawanda Midzi at Insound Studios, Masinire’s stock in the genre is rising.

The song Vakatadzei, off The Singles album got the 25-year-old gospel musician a nomination on the Human Rights Defenders Awards 2016 on the Artist of the Year category.

The video is on Youtube uploaded in October 2016 with a description of the song Vakatadzei as “a prayer to God to give hope to the hopeless and strength to the weak. The song is also a call for action for governments, organisations and societal groups to assist the needy in any way they can.”

Currently, Masinire is working on a couple of singles at Limitless Studios with producer Wisdom Nyaparami.

Besides singing, the Christ Embassy member is also a journalist working in both print and broadcasting.

“I contribute articles for various publications. I am strongly contemplating to become a full-time musician,” he said.

“I sing about Jesus, his grace and mercy. I am a Christian social commentator. My commentary is from the word of God.”

He described his beat as a blend of various genres, including reggae, Afro-pop, soft rock and Afro-jazz among others.

Masinire’s career as a gospel singer begun soon after he got born again in 2009 while doing his A’ Levels.

“Soon after getting born again, I joined the church choir and the Spirit of God started doing his thing in and through me and here I am today,” Masinire said.

He said he draws his inspiration from the Holy Spirit: “The songs that I sing are not mine, He [the Holy Spirit] deposits them into my heart and He sings through my voice.

“I also get inspired to compose songs when I listen to the Word of God. I thank God for the Word in my pastor, Ruth Musarurwa, because she has made song-writing a walk in the park for me.”

He said the greatest secret in gospel music was knowing and having a relationship with the Master — Jesus Christ.

“You can not sing about a God you don’t know, just like a hungry man cannot vomit,” he said.

“I don’t think piracy is the greatest challenge in the Zimbabwean music industry. I think the number one problem facing the artist in Zimbabwe is the economic status quo. A person cannot attend a show or buy a CD when they do not have mealie meal at home.

“But when men are cast down, there is a lifting up.”

Masinire’s memorable moments were when popular international gospel minister, Sinach came to Zimbabwe in 2012. He shared the stage with her and the likes of Frank Edwards, Martin PK and Farlon Light.

He also cherishes the time he took part in Worship Culture DVD recording in April. The stage was world-class; I had a wonderful time declaring the goodness of the Lord on such a huge stage.”

Masinire is full of praise for the rise in gospel music in Zimbabwe because the Bible says “the glory of the later house shall be greater than that of the former”.

You may contact the columnist, Albert Masaka on email: Cell or WhatsApp 0776 963 414

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