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Reggae star born out of Kadoma

A reggae sensation from Kadoma is vowing to defy all odds to carve a niche for himself in the music industry.


General Katell
General Katell

General Katell — born George Mandebvu — said he had seen that coming from a small town outside Harare, there was need to invest more energy to make it in the arts industry.

“Its not a stroll in the park for us artists who are domiciled outside Harare to get even radio play on local stations. So, to make a name, you need to up your game,” said General Katell.

The 40-year-old artist recently released an album titled Zimbabweland which was inspired by anti-government protests last year, but here he speaks on the need to inculcate patriotism, unity and love among citizens.

The song Zimbabweland, which is the opening track instills a sense of patriotism by reminding Zimbabweans to continue to love their country despite the hardships they are facing.

The next track Under the Sun is a social commentary in which the reggae crooner is appalled by the evil happening in the world.

The other track Zimreggae speaks about the need to preserve our culture, where the musician decries the erosion of societal values.

“In the song Zimreggae, I talk about the evil being done by people which the Almighty would not love to see. For instance, sodomy is an abomination to God,” he said.

The other songs that make up the social commentary album are No Money, Mboko and One Day.

The album was produced by Kadoma-based producer FanKan, who has done projects for many artists in the mining town that include Trice, Donvert Snippert and many more.

The artist is so ambitious that he has created a stable called Green Dot which has young artists under it. The hub is meant to market artists from Kadoma and surrounding areas.

“I have since formed a stable Green Dot where my vision is to ensure that the young artists are well-established to penetrate the music market,” he said.

Some of the young musicians who are under Green Dot are Joseph Tapererwa aka Baba Wiwi, Morgan Ndlovu aka Tipaz, Leevert Mandebvu aka Barbedwire, Starlone Sam aka DK and Elvis Mutaira aka Ejay Vale.

General Katel is now working on a single titled Zvanyanya alongside producers Dr Kays and Lil Ras.

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