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New Discovery provides all-terrain excellence

Launched recently in Harare by Premier Auto, the all-new Land Rover Discovery is packed with style, comfort and off-road prowess. The Discovery is a top pick for a luxury three-row crossover. For almost three decades, it has been one of the best SUVs available for providing all-terrain excellence.

By Our Correspondent

The All-New Discovery is worthy of a vehicle wearing the Discovery badge
The All-New Discovery is worthy of a vehicle wearing the Discovery badge

Certainly, the Discovery will be very appealing if you’re shopping for a luxurious SUV and not much else. But the Discovery separates itself from the pack by maintaining its off-roading heritage. It’s just as good as, if not slightly better than, the already impressive Discovery when driving through the muck or over rocky terrain.

While the Discovery’s individual scores suggest an admirable overall rating, its unique position as a go-anywhere, do-anything vehicle gives it a well-deserved boost. This is one SUV that has strong potential to be everything to everyone.

The all-new Land Rover Discovery is the latest generation of Land Rover’s most capable family SUV, powered by unparalleled off-road technologies. And inside, no compromises are made on versatility — with room to seat up to seven adults and nearly 45 litres of clever storage spaces for 21st century family essentials.

Land Rover’s design and engineering departments collaborated to ensure that the all-new Discovery efficiently packages seating for up seven full-sized adults, while retaining complete configurability. Using Land Rover’s world-first intelligent seat fold technology, seats in the second and third rows can be individually reconfigured, with minimal effort. Ease-of-use was key for this innovative practicality: drivers can adjust this configurable seating using controls at the rear of the vehicle — an intuitive seat control menu in the central touchscreen; and remote-control functionality in the Land Rover smartphone app.

This remote-control feature allows owners to rearrange the seats from inside a shop while they queue to pay for large or bulky items, ensuring the vehicle is perfectly configured to accommodate bulky items. Load capacity behind the second road of seats is 1,231 litres, and with all seats folded flat that figure more than doubles to 2,500 litres of load space.

With up to seven adults seated, the all-new Discovery also offers a host of convenient interior storage solutions, including hidden cubby stowage to accommodate a pair of two-litre drinks bottles. The central armrest cubby is also large enough to house five iPads. A re-engineered “curry hook” now sits flush, until pushed, and can be used to secure shopping bags.

All throughout the interior of the new Discovery, Land Rover’s designers and engineers have used every spare millimetre of space to provide additional stowage. In total, driver and passengers have access to nearly 45 litres of stowage across 12 areas of the cabin — including a dual-compartment cubbyhole, multiple centre console stowage areas, door pockets and under-floor compartments.

Thoughtful touches were even extended to the climate control panel on the central console, which hides a secret stowage pocket for smartphones or wallets. And, recognising the needs of modern families, many storage compartments in the all-new Discovery either contain a USB port or are located in close proximity to a USB port. Up to nine USB ports and six 12-volt sockets can be specified for charging devices.

The Discovery family has always been synonymous with versatility and its design has changed through the generations to meet the developing needs of customers.

This is demonstrated by the new single-piece tailgate design, which replaces the previous horizontally split configuration introduced with the arrival of the third-generation Discovery in 2004. The original, 1989 Discovery featured a side-hinged rear door, so this aspect has constantly evolved to meet customers’ changing demands.

The new Discovery’s single-piece tailgate provides a wider aperture than before and improved shelter from the elements when using the load area at outdoor events or loading shopping. To ensure customers are still able to enjoy all the benefits provided by the previous split tailgate, Land Rover’s has developed the new Powered Inner Tailgate.

When deployed, this 285mm-long tailgate serves as impromptu event seating and is able to support a maximum load of 300kg — making it the perfect place to enjoy a tailgate picnic or to change out of sports gear, all under the shelter of the tailgate. With the tailgate closed, the inner section automatically folds to fit vertically, where it functions as a load retainer for unsecured items. A button inside the load area can be used to lower the Powered Inner Tailgate section.

With such close attention paid to ensure that families can enjoy class-leading versatility and practicality, the new Discovery is worthy of a vehicle wearing the Discovery badge. Pop into Premier Auto to experience adventure in the all new Discovery.

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