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Miss Culture Zim on the cards

Another pageant — Miss Culture Zimbabwe, which seeks to promote cultural reconstruction, appreciation, preservation and identity — is set to be launched soon.


Miss Culture Zimbabwe embarked on a clean-up campaign in Bulawayo

In an interview with The Standard Style, one of the organisers, Jacqueline Mhlanga said the pageant was not just a beauty pageant, but a unique, prestigious and Afro-centric event, which seeks to promote cultural preservation and pride.

“The pageant is built on a foundation of cultural inclusion and celebration of cultural diversity. It is about cultural identity, celebrating what makes us Zimbabweans and affording women the space to define their uniqueness and what it means to be beautiful culturally,” she said.

“The beauty pageant that is being run by the Miss Culture Trust has provincial contests where queens are crowned and become cultural ambassadors for their respective regions.”

Mhlanga said the auditions will soon be held and the mission was to encourage everyone to celebrate and promote their culture to connect with others.

“They should appreciate cultural diversity and promote shared tolerance, respect for cultural diversity. Our objectives are to empower women to be leaders and role models within communities and to effect positive change through volunteering, fund-raising and advocacy,” she said.

“We aim to promote the spirit of giving back to the community and service to humanity as the essence and mark of true beauty. We also want to instil a sense of cultural pride as a fashionable asset in the world of beauty, music and fashion.”

Mhlanga said the Miss Culture Zimbabwe winner would work in areas such as community development and charity work, education and awareness programmes.

“There are benefits which will accrue to the queen and these include financial and material, status and enhanced profile, personal and career development, networking as well as social engagement,” she said.

Meanwhile, Miss Culture Zimbabwe embarked on a clean-up campaign in Bulawayo, which is part of the trust’s social responsibility. The clean-up campaigns are aimed at encouraging other people to sacrifice their effort towards worthwhile community initiatives will be held across the county’s 10 provinces.

The clean-up campaign was sponsored by Arenel, Afrigrade, Creative Mediaworx and Polyfoil.

Miss Culture Zimbabwe trustees, officers and brand ambassodors include Tshinga Dube, Linda Gabriel, Soneni Gwizi, Olsie Muringai, Albert Nyathi, Pah Chihera, Lady Tshawe and Robin Chikowore, among others.

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