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DJ Mzoe killing it on the decks

Bulawayo disc jockey, Sibanengi Mzotshe Ndebele aka DJ Mzoe, has achieved a lot and continues to impress on the Zimbabwean music landscape. He has paved the way for Bulawayo’s music. The Standard Style reporter Sharon Sibindi (SS) caught up with Sibanengi (SN), who spoke about his adventures and experiences in the arts industry. Below are excerpts from the interview.

DJ Mzoe

SS: Who is DJ Mzoe and how did it start for you?

SN: DJ Mzoe is Sibanengi Mzotshe Ndebele. It all started when I was at college. I had a passion for being a DJ at a tender age where I used to connect my disc man back then at home. I would mix music and make noise till my parents complained. But it was something within me. I knew I was born to do this and I then developed it and here I am.

SS: Who is your inspiration and who do you have respect for in the music industry?

SN: I have a lot of people who inspired me in the industry but just to name a few, DJ Chief, who used to play at Hustlers. He made me fall in love with deejaying. As time moved on, DJs from Dash Berlin rocked my world. They really know what they are doing and I know one day I will be like them as they inspire me.

SS: In your career, what single night out has been the most memorable for you?

SN: I will live to remember this night. The night where I was the first to win the DJ battle — Miller Battle of the DJs at Horizon.

SS: Do you mind sharing any of your secret tricks with me which have made you become one of the best DJs in Zimbabwe?

SN: Well, I can say my best secret is that one has to know what they want in the industry. Discipline, patience and of course prayers are the major key. One must pray as nothing is possible without the blessings from God.

SS: What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?

SN: The big mistake that I have seen upcoming DJs making is lacking patience. They want quick results forgetting that it is a hustle out there; worse, the industry is congested.

SS: What do you try to communicate to the audience through your vibe?

SN: I will be creating a mutual hype which brings a vibe and sets the crowd ablaze. I do chants that people will sing along to and keep the vibe high.

SS: You have been known for getting the roof on fire during your days at Club 40. Since it shut down, does it mean that has become the end of it?

SN: Closing of Club 40 does not mean it’s my downfall. I am a freelance DJ and I play everywhere. I used to play at Hustlers and Forty but now I am at BAC and the fire is still burning.

SS: What challenges have you encountered in your career and how have you managed to overcome them?

SN: This industry is a dog-eat-dog world! There are many challenges that we face and we have to keep our heads high to overcome some of the challenges. The liquidity crunch as a result of the ailing economy is a major challenge.

SS: Besides being behind the decks, what else can you do which your fans do not know?

SN: I am a graphic designer by profession.

SS: Any projects you are working on?

SN: Yes, plenty. I have done two singles now, one with Senko and the other one with Zhezhingtons from Gwanda. I am also doing preparations for my birthday bash — DJ Mzoe’s aka Fudunation Bash — where I have engaged artists and DJs. Legendary Sounds will also be there and it is a bash not to be missed.

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