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Tytan drops Olinda bombshell

After a dramatic break up with controversial rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme, Olinda Chapel is desperately trying to look “happy” on social media by dating the rapper’s friend Tytan Skhokho in a bid to settle scores.

By Sindiso Dube

Tytan and Olinda

Ironically, before their break up early this year, Stunner featured in Tytan’s music video titled Bho, where he featured as a promiscuous husband who was caught kissing another woman in a hotel on his wedding day. Tytan, born Njabulo Mayibongwe Nkomo, appeared in the video as a room service staffer who came in to comfort the heartbroken bride, promising her he would treat her better than her cheating groom.

As if the surprises were not enough, Olinda dropped a bombshell on social media when she announced that she was in love with Tytan, barely a month after she divorced Stunner.

Lately, Olinda and Tytan have been appearing at public gatherings, enjoying Kodak moments together in a move that is seen as intended to “fix” Stunner.

At some point, Olinda posted on Facebook that she was prepared to have Tytan’s kids.

Last Wednesday, Olinda surprised all and sundry when she announced her engagement with the Mkoko hitmaker on Facebook. This attracted congratulatory messages from her ever-growing loyal fans and denigration from critics.

When emotions were flying all over, Olinda — who was once married to one Richard Matambanadzo, with two children before she was married to Stunner last year — on Thursday made a U-turn when she said the engagement announcement was only a hoax.

“After this morning’s fun, Tytan and I are not engaged. It’s just fun to know who is for you or who is not. My apologies for all those that caught feelings and all… Because kune vabatwa batwa… [it did not go down well with some people]. Good afternoon. I think I need to find a job,” Olinda posted.

Many have called Olinda a desperate attention seeker who wants to force Tytan — who is currently in the UK — into marriage.

Tytan’s manager Kuda Musasiwa, popularly known as Begotten Sun, distanced Tytan from the engagement.

“Tytan is not engaged at all. According to Olinda, the announcement was a joke; she later retracted. It’s not something we ever planned, as it came as a surprise to both me and Tytan. When I called him [Tytan] after Olinda’s Facebook post, he assured me that he doesn’t know anything about it. Tytan has a family — a mother and siblings — and they could have known about it first,” Musasiwa said.

“Olinda is a socialite who knows how to drag people to her social media. I can’t control her but I can control my artist.”

Musasiwa said the surprise engagement news was regrettable and had affected Tytan’s music.

“All this is regrettable and has a negative impact on Tytan’s career. The young man has worked hard to be where he is right now and the least event we want is to mix his music and his personal life,” he said.

“It’s bad to have people thinking we planned the ‘engagement’. As his manager, I thrive to make him greater without any negative vibes and tabloid news.

“Our target is not to garner public sympathy, but to speak the truth through the music rather than making people speculate about what’s going on within our camp.”

Stunner on Friday refused to comment on Olinda and Tytan’s relationship.

“I don’t want to talk about them. I am way past Olinda and what happens between them is none of my business,” he said.

“They both have parents and relatives who can talk about their relationship, not me.”

Begotten Sun added that Olinda and Tytan’s relationship has had a negative impact on his relationship with Stunner.

“It affected my relationship with Stunner. I invited him for the Bho video shoot, which became a reality that wasn’t our plan to embarrass him. It was all about arts, but it’s unfortunate it came out that way,” he said.

“However, I have made peace with Stunner. I am an elder in Zim hip-hop and I will always be neutral and fair. I can’t beef with a senior artist like Stunner and I am there to help.”

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