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Zodwa Wabantu craze hits Harare

Forget the hullabaloo surrounding South African socialite and provocateur Zodwa Wabantu, real name Rebecca Zodwa Libram’s trip to Harare because the Zodwa Wabantu craze has swept away the capital.

BY Staff Reporter

Zodwa WaBantu

Zodwa Wabantu shot to fame at the Durban July festival by going pantiless in a high-voltage sexy design. Since then, she has become the darling of many, gracing a number of gigs in and outside South Africa.

Last month she was in Bulawayo where she showcased her sexually provocative dance moves at a sold-out show.

Local entertainment joints have not been left out as they have joined the Zodwa Wabantu bandwagon, with a number of outlets jostling for the South African socialite.

The Standard Style established that a number of clubs in Harare have been swept away by the Zodwa Wabantu craze as they are organising themed parties around the 32-year-old mother of one.

“We arranged this Zodwa Wabantu-themed party that we call Dress Like Zodwa Wabantu Ladies Nite,” said DJ Danny, one of the organisers of the Zodwa Wabantu-themed party that will be held at City Sports Bar in Harare.

“This event is similar to the one that was held in Bulawayo where one of the ladies won a prize for being a Zodwa Wabantu look-alike. We arranged this almost a month ago and we are not swept by this Zodwa Wabantu craziness.”

Ironically, City Sports Bar is under Devine Assignments stable, which is organising the Zodwa Wabantu show at Private Lounge on Thursday.

“Zodwa Wabantu is performing at Private Lounge on Thursday, but we are doing our own ladies’ night show themed around her. We are saying ladies come dressed like Zodwa Wabantu and let’s enjoy the night,” DJ Danny said.

He said a number of top DJs, including DJ Oliver Twist, DJ Breeze, DJ Storm and DJ Danny will take turns behind the decks.

Divine Assignments founder Biggie Chinoperekwei could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Meanwhile, Zimbabweans living in South Africa have taken to different social media platforms to hurl insults at actress Anne Nhira following her petition to the government to have Zodwa Wabantu banned from performing at the Harare International Carnival.

Government through the censorship Board reacted to Nhira’s petition by announcing that the South African socialte will not participate at this year’s edition of the Harare International Carnival.

This did not go down well with many, especially Zimbabweans living in South Africa who saw it as a desperate attempt by Nhira at a comeback, saying the Studio 263 actress was jealous of Zodwa’s newly-found fame.

Chikumba Lovemore said he was working in neighbouring South Africa and Nhira’s pronouncements did not augur well for relations between the two neighbouring countries.

“Some of us are trying to live well with South Africans because this is where we work. Such statements are unfortunate as they ruin relations,” said Chikumba.

Millions of Zimbabweans living in the neighbouring country live in fear of xenophobia, which has reared its ugly head on more than one occasion in South Africa.

Zodwa Wabantu last week posted on her Facebook page a photo of Nhira next to hers, which she captioned: “My friends and family, on the left is my Zimbabwean sister Anne Nhira who is trying to get me banned from performing in Zimbabwe at the Carnival because I am a foreigner and that I wear no panties, yet she lives and works here in South Africa.”

”South Africa and Zimbabwe share a lot of history and future together, Zimbabweans love me, why do this my sister #annenhira? Why make us fight, no fighting more love please #africaloveszodwa #zimbabweloveszodwa.”

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