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Song not about Olinda: Stunner

Rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme has denied that some controversial lyrics in his new album titled Stray Bullet are directed at his ex-wife Olinda Chapel.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

This follows public assumptions that songs like Akarohwa Mari and Musatifunhure were specifically directed at his former lover Chapel, whom he broke up with following a series of dramatic episodes reportedly prompted by infidelity on his part.

Stunner and Olinda before the parted ways

“Those assumptions to me do not carry any form of truth in them,” Stunner told The Standard Style on Friday.

“Akarohwa Mari is a song about a young man who squanders his money recklessly on girls and that has nothing to do with my ex-wife.”

Whatever the underlying meaning to the two songs, Stunner’s new work could pour cold water on a heated argument questioning his relevance in hip-hop circles at present.

There is no doubt the 37-year-old made a mark in the early 2000s, but recent projects had not been impressive, including the 16-track album titled If I Die Tonight that he released last year.

Despite an extravagant launch at an upmarket night spot and compelling features, including a track Inna Me Head, which features Jamaican Sir Ford, his last album failed to live up to expectations as the market seemed to not pay attention.

With resources in abundance, Stunner probably fell into the trap most musicians succumb to when they get money to spare.

There was just no hunger for greatness and the hustle-hard effect had completely gone into abyss.

But it appears singles Zviripa Moyo and Ndoenda released earlier this year explaining his ordeal after the nasty divorce were warning shots of the mega bombshell he was crafting.

It probably took the dramatic turn of events in his past marriage to bring back the lyrical genius his legion of fans had grown to love over the past decade.

“A stray bullet is a bullet that, after being fired from a gun, hits an unintended target. In this era, we are surviving in such scenarios and people are victims of such bullets. So, this title carries a message of hope for all the victims of stray bullets,” he said, admitting the new project was well-thought out.

“My music has always carried a social message in it, just that this time it is more songs than in previous albums. “
True to his sentiments, Stunner could be on his way back to glory owing to authentic lyricism.

“I guess what they say is true that less is more,” he says.

The message from Stunner in this nine-track album is clear; he is back and ready to spit even better material to surpass the efforts of fellow artists, according to one of his songs titled They Know.

Meanwhile, things are looking up in Stunner’s social life as well after his new better half Dyonne Tafirenyika was spotted with a bulging bump at the album launch.

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