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Banda pushes for the spreading of the gospel

UNITED Kingdom-based Zimbabwean gospel artist, David Banda has urged Christians to rise up and take the gospel to all the corners of the world regardless of the challenges they face today.


Banda said God’s work will always move forward, whether human beings like it or not.

“He even says he will raise stones if we keep quiet. Through music we can achieve that. As the Lord’s servants, all we need to do is heed his call and let Him do the rest.

Banda, who sings in Chichewa, Shona and English as a way of reaching out to as many people as possible, said he was coming up with a song in IsiNdebele and many more languages.

He promised his fans at home that there were plans to make his latest album entitled, I am a champion available in Zimbabwe.

“I know my latest album hasn’t been made available to people who are in Zimbabwe. I’m currently working on that and I can assure people in Zimbabwe that they will love this one. I have done everything possible to ensure that my music is available online : iTunes, Amazon, Google, Spotify and many more sites available online,” Banda said.

He said the title of his third album summed up his life: “I can do all things through Christ who strengths me.”
This is his third album.

“When I moved to the UK I faced a lot of challenges. It took me a while to get back to music and even recording. In Leeds we had a gospel show, which featured our very own Mkululi Bhebhe and Tembalami and I was glad to be part of the supporting artists,” Banda added.

“A few days ago we also hosted the man of the moment, Reverend Chivaviro along with Minister Mazivisa. We had a great time in the presence of the Lord.”

Growing up in church inspired Banda to sing gospel music at a tender age and he has never looked back since then.

Born in Kadoma in 1970, Banda was inspired by his father, who is now a retired reverend.

“We were  encouraged to sing hymns with the family. Later I joined CCAP Voice of Mbare in 1994. Recording our first single in 1995 with the group Inu able anga, followed by our first album Nganganga, released in 1996,” he said.

The experience allowed him to work with CCAP Holy Choir and they recorded an album called Wafungei.

After that he went solo, recording his debut album Rudo rwaJesu in 2003 followed by Ndinomutenda Ishe in 2005.

Banda said he was in touch with the gospel music back in Zimbabwe and the level of gospel music in the country has really gone up.
“Locally, I love  the Charambas, Zimpraise, Takesure Zama and Michael Mahendere.

I have been listening to this young lady who featured on CCAP Holy Choir Nyasha Mutonhori. She’s really good.”
He lamented the damage caused by piracy, saying it was destroying the music industry in Zimbabwe.

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